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What does CD-ROM mean?

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compact disk read only memory

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Does cdrom mean DVD and CD?


What is the storage capacity of a CDROM?

the capacity of a CDROM is 650 MB

Is a CDROM drive an input or output device?

A CDROM drive is neither an input device or an output device. A CDROM drive is a storage device.

What does CDROM stand for?

CDROM stands for Compact Disk Read Only Memory.

Which of the following have the largest storage capacity DVD CD-RW CDROM or a Removable Disk?


When was the CDROM patented?


what does the acronym 'CDROM' means?

CDROM' is an abbreviation used widely on the internet. The true meaning of this word being "Compact Disk Read Only Memory". This refers to the disks used in computers.

Is cdroom and cdrom same thing?

There is nothing called Cdroom there is only cdrom or CDRom which means Compact Disk Read Only Memory which means data can be written only once but can be read many times

If you can audibly hear your laptop reading the XP disk in its CDROM but it does not respond and there is just a blank screen what do you do?

go to cmos and set cdrom to be first bootable disk. then click to start windows with cdrom support. ensure your cdrom is working ok. also ensure that your xp disk has autorun installed (some do not). Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

What is an internal CD-ROM Drive?

An internal CDROM drive is a CDROM drive designed to be permanently mounted inside a computer system.

What is software holder starting with letter c?


How do you remove CD drive from dell inspiron 2200?

Flip the laptop over so that the rubber feet are facing up. Remove the screw in the center of the laptop with the picture of a lock near it. This is the only thing keeping the cdrom drive from sliding out of the laptop. If it doesn't come out easily, you may need to power up the laptop, open up the cdrom tray, power off the laptop (while the cdrom tray is still open) then repeat procedure above - however, you'll now have the cdrom tray to use as a handle to pull out the entire cdrom drive.

If a motherboard has two IDE channels how many IDE devices can be accomodated?

Each IDE connector on the board supports two channels per. (Two drives) The combination of drives can vary. For instance, hard drive-cdrom, hard drive-hard drive, cdrom-cdrom, ect....ect.

What is static ROM and dynamic ROM?

cdrom is static rom

How can you play your DVD tape on your PC?

play DVD on CDROM

Which of the following is the maximum speed at which a standard CDROM can be read?


Is a CD-R the same size as CDROM?


If you have a cdrom you can use both cdrom and dvdrom?

Nope... the data on a DVD-ROM is packed much tighter. A CD-ROM cannot read DVD's but a DVD-ROM can read CD's

What is the real name of CDrom?

Compact Disc Read Only Memory

What do the letters CDROM stand for?


What does the acronym cdrom stand for?

Compact Disk Read Only Memory.

How do you mount CD drive in SCO open server unix?

To mount a CD in SCO Open server UNIX: login as root make a directory named cdrom then # mount -f HS,lower /dev/cd0 /cdrom

Can a CD drive read a DVD?

No. A regular CDROM drive cannot read DVD's.

Which is more important CD-ROM or floppy drive?

CDROM floppy drive

Identify four inputs devices used by the computer?

Keyboard Mouse CDROM USB