Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

What does CDC stand for?

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Centers for Disease Control. This is a US government organization with headquarters in Atlanta, GA.
The Center for Disease Control (and Prevention)
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Center Disease Control

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In government what does CDC stand for?

CDC Center for Disease Control hence CDC

What does the Air Force CDC acronym stand for?

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What does CDC stand for in CDC caddis fly in fly fishing?

CDC stands for "Cul de Cunard." These are feathers from a duck near the rear. They have special floating characteristics and are mostly used in dry flies.

Who does CDC report to?

No-one. It is autonomous.Check out their mandates at cdc dot com

How can you apply for Indian CDC?

i can apply for indian CDC on internet or there is any forms on on line to apply for indian CDC

Application for Indian CDC?

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When was CDC Software created?

CDC Software was created in 2002.

What is CDC Software's population?

CDC Software's population is 12.

What is the population of CDC Software?

The population of CDC Software is 04.

What are the roles of the CDC and OSHA in infection control?

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What does the cdc stand for and what do they do?

CDC is part the united states departments of health and human services. It stands for centers for disease control and prevention. Its mission is to promote health and quality of life for all Americans by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability. Their head quarters are in Atlanta Georgia.

When was CDC Games created?

CDC Games was created on 2006-06-09.

Did smallpox ever escaped from the CDC?

No, the smallpox that is stored that the CDC has never escaped.

Do you have to report a STD to the CDC?

The CDC reportable STDs are chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV.

Difference between CDC and WHO growth charts?

what are the differences between the cdc and who growth charts?

What programs are national organizations like the CDC promotion the combat these health problems?


Where to send your documents for renewal sticker of CDC issued from MMD chennai?

how to renewal cdc

Did i know about my CDC of panama?

Yes you can know about your CDC for Panama. Now day's their are so many agent which are known to get Panamanian CDC but only few of them are use full to get original CDC. As CDC come from Panama consulate so when you ge'n the CDC ask for BLUE chit which is receipt for og Panama CDC. Further you can check either your CDC is valid or not by follow site :http:/ can also send inquiries to htt://www.panamacdc.blogspot.comIts a website from Panama Marine Group, Inc who lead the CDC and COC service in Panama. Very honest and fast service for a very reasonable price.You can also write to

Where is the CDC?


What diseases should be reported to the CDC in AR?

HIV and AIDS should be reported to cdc for precautions

Where does the CDC get their money?

It is a government funded organizations, which means all the tax payers pay for the CDC.

What does CDC mean on Audi CD player?

cdc simply means CD changer, i think, coz my 1998 A6 says No CDC and it means my CD changer is not connected.

What does CDC mean in text message?

Center of Disease Control or Continuous Discharge certificate CDC / Seaman Book / Seaman Passport / Seaman Record Book / SIRB

Is the CDC a private corporation?

Yes, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) is a not-for-profit Foundation that receives funding from a range of sources. They also hold patents for vaccines. Search for the following to see for yourself: CDC Foundation, CDC is a Private Organization – Not Government!, and Robert Kennedy Jr.: CDC Is A Privately Owned Vaccine Company.I hope this helps you out.

What is the author of CDC?

There is no one author of CDC. The website is published with writings and articles from various experts and authors.