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What does CTC mean in salary announcements?

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CTC Salary Calculation Formula?

CTC -> Cost To Company. It means your pay package/monthly salary, which the company has to shell out every month for you. Current CTC - The salary that you receive currently/presently Expected CTC- Salary that you expect from the company that you are applying to.

CTC Stands For COST TO COMPANY. It is the Salary which is the gross pre-tax salary inclusive of all components (monthly, annual, retiral and deferred payments). Current CTC means current drawn salary usually in terms of dollars per year package. Expected CTC means salary you are expecting usually in terms of dollars per year package.

what is Full form of CTC in RESUME or Salary certificate


what is the difference between gross salary and CTC

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CTC stands for - Cost to Company is the total cost that an organization is spending towards their employee including the salary, perks, etc.

CTC could mean Cryme Tyme and Cena

CTC stands for cost to company. Salary is only one part of CTC. Adding CTC to a resume would only be advised if benefit to company was also listed. This figure could be included in a cover letter or as a bullet under accomplishments.

Cost To Company Means whatever is paid behind you including your salary and other services like cars/drivers are included in CTC

CTC in lac(s) means Cost To Company in Lacs(Lakhs). Cost To Company is the total cost to employ a given person (e.g. you) Lac is a unit of 100,000 (one hundred thousand). E.g. if your annual salary is $120,000 and the company has to pay 25% tax after your salary, the CTC in Lacs is $120,000 * 1.25 / 100,000 = 1.5 .

Master's degree holder, total CTC 6.15 lakh

what is means Current CtC and Exp Ctc

NP = Notice Period CTC = Cost To Company ECTC = Expected Cost To Company

Based on the Category this question is listed, I assume you are asking about Cost To Company. CTC is the annual cost a company Incurs if it hires a person. You need to be clear that it is NOT your take home salary. Depending on the company, the structure of CTC and take home salary might vary. But it should give you a rough idea of your take home. The best way to find out your approximate salary would be to go through the breakdown and deduct all possible deductions/taxes/fees, etc... There are some companies where your salary might be greater than your quoted ctc. But more often than not, this is not the case. I have known some companies which even include your cubicle rent in your ctc. So, it is best to analyze the breakdown. Hope this helps!

More Clearly... CTC stands for COST TO COMPANY this includes : GROSS SALARY + incentives that are provided from the firm . incentives includes many things like meal , medical facilities, phone facilities, house facilities , travel allowance etc. THE SUM OF ALL THE REWARDS AND BENEFITS PROVIDED TO AN EMPLOYEE FROM THE EMPLOYER + THE SALARY IS TERMED AS "COST TO COMPANY"

CTC : Cost To Company 79 lacs : 7,900,000 (79 * 100,000) This means the company has to pay 7,900,000 a year to cover the expenses (salary, taxes, other benefits) of a given employee.

It depends on your terms of agreement for the job. In most cases, company's pay you by CTC - Cost To Company. In such cases, both employee and employer contributions are considered a part of your salary and the CTC. So, Yes, it is possible and is done in a majority of the private sector cos

Cost To CompanyCTC per Annum - Your Salary, PF, and benefits all included for a year.Provident fund and other benefits will be contributed by the company every month directly to statutory bodies and it gets added to your account.

If company does not offer any annual benifits, we can also compute monthly CTC

What is the meannig of Existing CTC

CTC - cycling - was created in 1878.

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