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What does Canada export from France?

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Canada can't export anything from France. Canada can export to France, or import from France.

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What does France export to Canada?

Wine & Bread!!

What does Canada export to France?

maple syrup

Which country export airplanes?

USA, Canada,and France are countries that export airplanes

What do Canada and France import export?

wine and bread there is more then that!!

What countries does Germany export to?

The U.S., Canada, France, China, and, Africa

Goods that Canada might be able to export to France?

Canada can export many goods suck as food that the people at France haven't tried yet. or maybe unusual clothes that the french people think that are unusual

Where does Cuba export to the most?

Canada, China, Russia, France, England, Netherlands, Venezuela, Spain

What products does Japan export to Canada?

what does japan export to canada

Does France Import items or Export items?

It depends. If France needs something, example maple syrup from Canada, then they will import, but if they want to sell something, then they will sell it or export it to another country.Hope I helped!

Who does France export to?

There are a number of countries that France exports to. Some of these countries include USA, Germany, Canada, Spain and Italy among others.

What does Canada export to Taiwan?

Canada export machinery power and timbers

What goods does Canada export to Australia?

goods that Canada can export to Australia is agraculture

Where does Gucci export?

Gucci exports to many countries. Some of these include the United States, Canada, Japan, France, England, Australia, as well as France.

How many 1971 Plymouth barracuda 426 hemi's were manufactured?

U.S. production figures: 108, plus a few for Canada and export. Convertible production numbers are as follows: U.S. 7; Canada 2; Export (France) 2.

What does South Africa export and where do they export it to?

canada rice

What does America export with Canada?

i think they export oil

Does France export oil-?

Yes, France does in fact export oil every year. They export billions of dollars worth each year.

Does Britain export to other countries and if so where?

yes they import to many countries. some are ireland, france, the US, canada, and germany.

Does Canada export goods to Italy?

Yes, Canada does.

Where does Spain export to?


What does Canada export to Cuba?

they export wheat, medicine, and milk powder

What are Canada's main import and export products?

what is the main export in canada?

What goods that Canada might be able to export to Japan?

We can export lumber to them

What is a sentence with the word export?

A major export from Canada is pulp and paper.

Does Canada export iron?

The country of Canada does export iron ore. In 2009, Canada exported a total of 31.1 million tons of iron ore.

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