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Q: What does Christopher Tolkien Believe in a religious sense?
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Was JR R Tolkien possessed with common sense?

and the devil...

Where do humanists pray?

I would think the humanists do not pray, in a conventional religious sense, since they do not believe in a deity.

Add your name to the desscusion if you believe in vampires and if you dont edit it into the answer?

personally, i think that there are vampires, but they are people with rare conditions. so in the religious sense, no i don't believe in vampires

How does Tolkien create a sense of a real world with real landmarks and a real history?

my did boy

What were the Quakers religious beliefs were based on?

A sense that all are equal and therefore no one needs a priest to tell them what to believe or whether God forgives them or not.

What has the author Christopher Osborn written?

Christopher Osborn has written: 'A Sense of Touch' -- subject(s): Protected DAISY 'A Sense of Touch'

Did Bilbo pray?

In a religious sense, no. In the general sense that things should work out, certainly.

What is peace in a ''religious'' sense?

Peace basically means the absence of war. In a religious sense it must mean the absence of any form of discord be it mental, physical or emotional in the individual person.

What were the circumstances of Christopher Columbus?

Please rewrite your question. It does not make much sense.

Who is the most religious person ever?

Jesus Christ. ---- Actually, Jesus was not "religious" in the traditional sense. That was why he was in constant conflict with the Pharisees. He did not conform to their religious traditions and customs. Jesus was "spiritual", but not "religious".

What do humanists emphasize?

Humanists emphasize that we create our own future. They emphasize that we can make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values. They do not believe in religious ideals or superstition; but are keen on living in the moment.

Why vesalius has a limited impact on medicine treatment at that time?

Due to religious views, people did not believe in his ideas as they wanted to be faithful to God. People still believed in Galen's original theory of the four humours therefore Vesalius's seemed ridiculous and made no sense to them - they didn't want to believe it.

Who picked the name 'Lord of the Rings'?

It would make sense that the author of Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien, would be the one who picked the name for the series.

Do you believe ones sense of beauty is intrinsic or learned?

I believe it is both.

What did religious beliefs and a sense of optimism inspire many Americans to do during the early nineteenth century?

Religious beliefs and a sense of optimism inspired many Americans to spend more time with families during the early nineteenth century.

What did Mary queen of Scots believe in?

She was a devout Roman Catholic, and as she was executed for political and religious reasons ( in a sense not too different from the family-plan homicide of the Romanovs) she can be said to have died for the Faith- She is regarded as a Martyr in some quarters.

Is President Obama immortal?

In a sense (not a religious sense) he is. No matter how his administration plays out, he has earned an important place in US history.

Do dead relatives watch us?

Be sure, no; don't believe in nonsense and non-scientific religious dreams ! ------------------------ Second answer (Mr. Ksbalaji) Definitely. If not, why do we worry about them? But the so called scientific sense does not have any scientific explanation yet about what dream is or what life is or what soul is or what existence is about! Till that clarification comes about, better believe in what great religious beliefs have to say!

What are the senses of an ameoba?

I believe the only sense an ameoba has is the ability to sense other organisms near it. Ameobas do not have sense organs.

What do the Latter Day Saints believe about creationismvs. intellegent design?

Creationism is a political as well as religious movement that has its own agenda. Mormons are not Creationists in that sense. Mormons do believe that the earth and all things on it were created by Jesus Christ, but do not subscribe to the strict interpretation by some that it happened in 7 days (168 hours).

What Religious group that splits Christianity?

that question doesnt make sense

Is Saddam Hussein Muslim?

Yes, he is a Muslim. However, he was not that religious and identified as a Muslim more in an "ethnic" sense than a "faith" sense.

In the United States, is Thanksgiving Day a religious holiday?

Thanksgiving in the US (and also Canada, a month earlier) is a civil holiday that has religious overtones in the sense that many (but by no means all) religious groups have embraced it.

Why do scientist believe in the neanderthals buried their dead?

Scientists believe that Neanderthals had a sense of community.

Why do you have a sense of smell?

Depends on your beliefs. If you believe in evolution, that humans evolved into what is seen today, then sense of smell was a mutation that formed out of sense of danger and preservation. If you believe in God, that God created humans, then sense of smell was designed to give humans both an added pleasure and a better understanding of the world around them.