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He was short and thin.

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What was the lapel pin Bill Cosby wore a lot on the Cosby Show?

it said sp something During "The Cosby Show" run, Sammy Davis Jr. passed...The lapel pin said SD jr... Bill Cosby was a fan and a friend...

What does SD represent on Cliff Huxtable's lapel pin on the Cosby show?

During "The Cosby Show" run, Sammy Davis Jr. passed...The lapel pin said SD jr... Bill Cosby was a fan and a friend...

Where is the Cosby Community Library in Cosby located?

The address of the Cosby Community Library is: 3292 Cosby Hwy, Suite 1, Cosby, 37722 2944

What was Bill Cosby's first TV show?

His first television show was called I Spy with Robert Culp but his first own television show was called The Bill Cosby Show (not The Cosby Show). The Bill Cosby Show was about a middle class male bachelor who taught physical ed. at a high school.

What are the names of Bill Cosby's brothers?

James Cosby Robert Cosby Russell Cosby

What year did Bill Cosby do the Cosby show?

The Cosby Show aired from 1984 till 1992

What is the birth name of Cosby Siringi?

Cosby Siringi's birth name is Cosby Engoi Siringi.

What shows did Bill Cosby star in?

"I Spy" (1965-1968) "The Bill Cosby Show" (1969-1971) "The New Bill Cosby Show" (1972) "Fat Albert and the Cosby Show" (1972-1985) "Cos" (1976) "The Cosby Show" (1984-2014) "The Cosby Mysteries" (1994-1995) "Cosby" (1996-2014)

What sports did Bill Cosby do?

Bill Cosby is a comedian.

What is the duration of Cosby?

The duration of Cosby is 1320.0 seconds.

Is ennis Cosby related to Bill Cosby?

Yes, Ennis Cosby was Bill Cosby's Son. But Ennis died....

What is Bill Cosby most famous for?

Bill Cosby is most famous for his appearance on The Cosby Show

Did Bill Cosby have any brothers or sisters?

Brother: Russell CosbyBrother: Robert CosbyBrother: James Cosby (born. 1941, died. 1947, rheumatic fever)

Did Bill Cosby die of AIDS?

Bill Cosby is not dead.

How did Bill Cosby die?

Bill Cosby is still living.

Was Bill Cosby from Wisconsin?

Bill Cosby was born in Philadelphia.

When did Cosby end?

Cosby ended on 2000-04-28.

When was Cosby created?

Cosby was created on 1996-09-16.

When did Phillips Cosby die?

Phillips Cosby died in 1808.

When was Phillips Cosby born?

Phillips Cosby was born in 1729.

When did Francis Cosby die?

Francis Cosby died in 1580.

When was Francis Cosby born?

Francis Cosby was born in 1510.

How tall is Cosby Siringi?

Cosby Siringi is 5' 11".

When did Dabney Cosby die?

Dabney Cosby died in 1862.

When did Gerry Cosby die?

Gerry Cosby died in 1996.

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