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What does DLL mean?

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Dynamic Link Library

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Why does VS2010 lose linked dll-libraries while compiling?

Do you mean that your compiled .exe complains about a missing .dll when run on another computer? Try linking to the C++ runtime instead of the library dll.

How do you get path of a DLL from inside the DLL itself?

What is the What is the difference between dll and ocx?

dll is smarter then oxc. oxc was used more then the dll, and its more confusing. dll is smarter then oxc. oxc was used more then the dll, and its more confusing.

What does the message error loading c windows system32 ernaygvf dll mean?

The system requests you to replace the damaged ernaygvf dll file with a compatible version.

What is mean by dll file in dot net?

a file with a '.dll' suffix is a dynamic link library. A file full of subroutine codes that another programs may use.

What is true program for DLL files?

C++ editor and a dll compiler, but I wouyld go with codeblocks because it has a built in dll compiler with the dll tags hope it helps :)

What is the full form of dll?

DLL = Dynamically Linked Library

What is kerne132.dll?

A DLL file is a Dynamic Link Library of Windows that contains different instructions and functions, which may be called upon and used by other executable programs.

Will cleaning your computer fix your dll problem?

Yes and no. The dll file may be just misplaced, then yes. A defrag your hdd and that should fix it. If a dll file is corrupt, then no. You will have to find or repair the dll file yourself.

How do you register a dll file in dos mode?

To register a file, type regsvr32 .dll. Or type regsvr32 \.dll, where is the path to the file, and is the name of the file.

How do you launch a dll file?

You do not launch a DLL. It's used by something else and will start up when needed. Read up on DLL file.

Which language or routines used in dll files?

c# is the language for developing .dll files

Where can you find karasX2 dll?

You can find karasX2.dll file in Windows System32 file.

Where does a win32 application look for a dll?

You can file dll file in C:\WINDOWS\system32.

What can open dll files?

A DLL (dynamic link library) file is a file used by a specific application to communicate with devices inside or attached to the computer. DLL files aren't meant to be opened separately from the program they belong to. When you load the program the DLL file belongs to, that program will automatically load the DLL file if it needs it.

How do you remove a dll?

A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a storage file used by Windows software programs to store important information that the programs need to run. A dll file contains code and data that can be used by more than one program at the same time. The easy way to repair your dll error is to download a registry repair program, which contains the professional dll fix tool. This will save your time to search a dll file from the mass Internet information, check out whether you have an existing or potential dll error, determine the specific solutions to fix and repair your dll problems in minutes.

How can find the application that is using a dll file?

Most programs use .DLL files. The one you installed yourself is usually in the program's folder. Right click the dll and choose "Open file location" and look for a .exe file. If you want to know more about a specific dll you can open the dll in notepad, often you can read some of the letters and figuring out what program/game etc. It's for. For other .dll files you can search up on the name or location to find its origin. dll files should often be left alone.

How do you open a dll file on vista?

DLL files are part of a program. They are opened by the program that needs them.

What is DLL Hell?

Make the DLL literally means "disaster", is a DLL com components caused due to upgrade program can not be executed. COM object often be compiled for DLLS.

What is the Difference between dll and ocx?

dll and ocx both are in proc external component. dll never has user interface where as ocx would always have that's the major difference

What is the example of DLL?

We all know that DLL is a short of Dynamic link library, which is a collection of subroutines stored on disk, and can be loaded into memory and executed when accessed by a running program. There are many dll files on the computer, for example, Iertutil.dll, wininet.dll, Vbrun300.dll, etc.

Where DLL files stores?

Dll files are stored every dude. Did a program say that a dll failed? or a dll has an error? or cant be found? go in the My Computer and go in your hard drive. programs and files. go to the broke down program. there is were the dll would MOST likely be. But i would download a pach for the program. eather that, re download and reinstall the program.

Can a dll file of some windows application be used in another application?

Yes, that was actually the idea behind the DLL. A good example would be winsock.dll - the dll behind all the networking functionality in windows, used by tons of applications. Usually a shared dll is stored in \system32, and a reference counter is maintained so that the number of applications actually using the dll is known. The reason: the dll must survive an uninstall, if it is still used by other applications.

What does file extension dll mean?

These are usually system files .DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. They are very similar to .exe file extensions and are normally on Microsoft operating systems. As with .exe's, .DLLs can contain code, data, and resources.

How do you remove AVG dll?

Totally uninstall AVG from your computer can help you completely remove AVG dll files.