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What does Dane mean?


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The dictionary defines it as meaning "a native of Denmark." It is also my name! Assuming this question refers to the meaning of "dane" in the Japanese language, the most common meaning or use of the sounds "da" (だ) and "ne" (ね) together would be something close to the the English "is/are...right?" That is, "da" (だ) is the plain or casual form of the equivalent of "to be" and "ne" (ね) is a particle used to indicate that the speaker believes the listener will agree with or already knows the content of the utterance or statement in question. "Da" (だ) and "ne" (ね) are usually or very often heard or used in the final two positions in an utterance and so, for those picking up Japanese from listening, can seem like a single word. In other cases, some words might be pronounced "dane" (だね), depending on the phonetic context of the utterance. For example, the ingredients of oden (おでん, a stew or soup including as a constant ingredients made from fish paste) are referred to as "tane" (たね), but this word can be pronouned "dane" (だね) in some circumstances.