What does Dionte means?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: What does Dionte means?
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When was Dionte Johnson born?

Dionte Johnson was born on 1986-06-28.

How tall is Dionte Christmas?

NBA player Dionte Christmas is 6'-05''.

What NBA team does Dionte Christmas play for?

Dionte Christmas plays for the Phoenix Suns.

How much does Dionte Christmas weigh?

NBA player Dionte Christmas weighs 205 pounds.

What is Dionte Christmas's number on the Phoenix Suns?

Dionte Christmas is number 25 on the Phoenix Suns.

What position does Dionte Christmas play?

Dionte Christmas plays shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns.

What college did NBA player Dionte Christmas play for?

NBA player Dionte Christmas played for Temple.

How old is Dionte Christmas?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NBA season, Dionte Christmas is 27 years old.

How much money does Dionte Christmas make?

NBA player Dionte Christmas made $490180 in the 2013-2014 season.

Who did Dionte Christmas get drafted by in the NBA Draft?

Dionte Christmas was undrafted in the 2009 NBA draft. He was invited to play on summer league teams with the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers. He currently plays in Greece with PAOK B.C.

Who were the first father-son combo to have captained the Ohio State Buckeyes?

The two previous father-son captain duos were the Herbstreits, James (1960) and Kirk (1992); and the Davidsons, Jim (1964) and Jeff (1989). Pepper Johnson (1984) and Dionte Johnson (2007) became the third duo.

What does seacht mean in Gaelic?

It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.