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What does Dolores Mean?



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Dolores is a name conferred upon a girl. It means "sorrows" in Latin. For instance, the Spanish title of Virgin Mary is Maria de los Dolores, implying "Mary of Sorrows." The name is pronounced as doh-LOR-iss. The famous variants out of the 11 odd variants of the name Dolores are Delores, Lola and Lolita.

Name analysts believe that the person whose name is Dolores is usually flirtatious, amorous, talkative and spendthrift. The other reported twin discernible qualities about this name are compassion and amicability. Dolores del Rio, the popular Hollywood actress during the silent era who had almost all the aforementioned traits, was an epitome of grace thanks to her timeless beauty. Incidentally, Dolores is also a common surname.