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Q: What does Dr Evil use as a cover for his world-domination plans?
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Until foiled by Austin Powers what company does Dr Evil use as a cover for his world-domination plans?


What is the difference between a single use plan and a standing plan?

Single use plans are designed to be put into action only one time. These very specific plans are typically discarded after use. A standing plan is put into place to cover for recurring events.

How do you use the word nefarious?

This is a fancy term for evil or wicked. Here are some sentences.I overheard the evil scientist explaining his nefarious plans.You are a nefarious villain!Her nefarious scheme to get revenge shocked me.

What health insurance plans are available for someone looking for a new insurance provider?

There are a number of resources that one can use to get information about health insurance plans for some who is looking for coverage. For instance, State and Provincial Departments of Health, Cover Me, and Kanetix all have current information about health insurance plans tailored to the needs of the individual.

What is Despicable Me about?

Despicable Me is about an evil super-villain (who owns millions of tiny minions) and he plans to steal the moon (his name is Gru), but a new super-villain keeps stopping him (his name is Vector). Gru plans to use some orphaned girls to help him steal the moon, but they end up releasing the soft side of him...

What words can you use to describe a villain?

heartless, careless, evil, bad, evil, bad, evil, bad, evil mwahahaha

Does a pentagram mean evil?

A pentagram does not necessarily mean evil. Some people use it as a symbol of evil, but some others use it as a non evil symbol. Wiccans for example use a pentacle, which is basically the same as a pentagram, as a good symbol.

What examples of which dimension in planning is Standing plans and single use plans?

Repetitiveness; with the dimenion as a guide, organizational plans are usually divided into two types: standing and single use.

When to use intrigued with or intrigued by?

You would use intrigued with to imply making secret plans to do something evil; for example, "the group was intrigued with malice." On the other hand, intrigued by shows arousal of interest or fascination. An example would be: "He was intrigued by the sentiments on TV."

Does Batman thugs exist?

no but they exist in the batman series and in the batman movies such as batman begins and the dark knight and they use guns and knives in the movies to dispose of batman and they listen to joker's evil rules and plans to get rid of the city once and for all.

Is kovu evil in Lion King?

He use to be evil. But he became nice.

Did Ancient Egyptian carpenters use designs or plans?


Is toenail fungus treatment expensive?

Depending on what type of toenail fungus treatment you use, it can be expensive. Most health plans should cover any medical expenses you might have. Check out what your primary care physician can do for you.

Are witchcraft books evil?

It depends on the type of witchcraft you are referring to. There are so many different types of Witchcraft. A Witchcraft book is not necessorily evil. A book cannot be evil. It depends on how you are going to use the Witchcraft in that book. You cannot say a knife is evil or a Gun is evil The person who is holding the knife or gun could be evil or could be good. It depends on the intentions of the person who is using it. If you use the knowledge for good it is good. If you use that knoeledge for bad, that is evil.

What is the use of five year plans?

what will you use to clean

Which Resident Evil games can you use a wii zaper with?

The resident evil games for wii.

Is palm reading evil?

Yes it is, because they use evil spirits to tell you your future

How can you use the word doable in a sentence?

The plans were doable. The plans were outrageous and not doable.

What is the proper way to use a paper toilet seat cover?

When in Use cover up when not in use down

What are the plans offered by Indian market to use gps?

use it

What can you use to cover a light bulb?

you can use a plastic cover to cover a light bulb........if you want to cover a white light bulb,you can put a colored sheet or plastic.

What part of the speech is evil?

It depends how you use it. If you are referring to someone being evil or describing something, then it would be an adjective. But evil can also be a noun, as in evil roams the earth.

How do you use word 'evil' in a sentence?

The turkey was pure, unadulterated evil. Adolf Hitler was evil. Departing fom evil was my best move ever.

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I like to ask my friends what kind of plans they have and see if they are happy with their providers. Many people choose to use the cheaper prepaid plans as opposed to the contract plans.

When do you use detailed lesson plans?

Objectives and ideas are given in TM, but you have to plan the lesson. Lesson plans are the bones of a lesson. They state what the students are expected to learn (objectives), how they are going to learn it, and the expected outcomes. Within the lesson plans are also the state standards and the areas the lesson will cover in that lesson. A lesson plan is not one day, but for a week and each day builds on the next day so there is a progression of learning. When looking a month of lesson plans the reader should be able to see the goal of the teacher and how the students learn what they are taught.