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I will love you for all the time

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Q: What does EGO mos diligo vos pro totus vicis mean?
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What does Ego Diligo Deus and Laus Deus Semper mean?

Ego diligo Deus means I love God in non-grammatical Latin and Laus Deus Semper means "Praise God Always"

Ego mos diligo vos pro vita?

Ego mos diligo vos pro vita is a Latin quote that is used often. It means I will love you for my life.

What does ego diligo vos mean in English?

I love you. Yes, it could be that - but diligo is a much milder word that amo, the best latin word for 'love.' Diligo is more like 'hold dear, esteem, have regard for.' Also, note that the 'you (vos)' is plural, the word order is atypical, and the use of the pronoun unusual. Most likely, somone put 'I love you' in one of those unreliable online translators and got that out. Best for 'I love you' is: Te amo.

What does Ego vado video Deus velut vero est Ut ego relinquo totus in mei mens quis informis suus imago mean in English?

Nothing. The words are Latin, but they don't go together grammatically to express a coherent thought that could be translated.

Totus tuus ego sum maria et omnia mea tua sunt?

I am entirely yours, Mary, and everything that is mine is yours.

What does diligo mihi ut ego sum mean in English?

It means someone put "love me as i am" into one of those on-line translators. They turn out garbage, and that's what this. In this case, what came out actually translates to "I esteem for myself as I am".

What is 'Lacrimas profundere est totus ego sum Vilis efficio' in English?

All that I do is shed tears. I produce worthless thingsis the English equivalent of 'Lacrimas profundere est totus ego sum. Vilis efficio'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'lacrimas' means 'tears'. The verb 'profundere' means 'to pour forth, to shed'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The adjective 'totus' means 'the entire, the whole'. The personal pronoun 'ego' means 'I'. The verb 'sum' means '[I] am'. The adjective 'vilis' means 'cheap'. The verb 'efficio' means '[I] am doing, effecting, making, producing; do do, do effect, do make, do produce; or do, effect, make, produce'.

What does Ego Mos Diligo Iterum mean?

It means that someone has been using an online translator that produces garbage. In this case, what was put in was "I will love again", but what came out means "I, the custom, I esteem once more".The original English phrase may be translated into grammatical Latin as rursum amabo.

What does spreading ego mean?

EGO mean personality ex: when you say you have a big ego means you have a big personality

How do you write i love you this much in Latin?

Amo tu is I love you. I don't know how to form the "this much" part. Someone else? Latin is a dead language but a rough translation would be "Ego diligo vos is ultum" Which means "I value you this much".

What do the Greek words 'ego na' mean?

"ego" means "me" and "na" means "to".

What does the prefix ego mean?