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Enviornmental Protection Agency

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Q: What does EPA stand for?
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What does EPA stand for when related to vehicles?

EPA is Environmental Protection Agency. It relates to vehicles as the EPA is tasked with monitoring smog control.

Does EPA stand for environmental protection agency?

EPA eat peanuts and apples

What does EPA stand?

Enviornmental Protection Agency

When was the EPA established?

when was the epa established?

What is the tagalog translation of kapampangan word epa?

Hi, kapampangan word epa in english is -EPA Kapampangan word

The nations largest regulatory agency is?


What does the EPA do?

The EPA helps with providing a clean environment through the United States. The EPA stands for Envirmental Protection Agency.

Alternative refrigerants must comply with what EPA policy?


What is the budget of EPA Sustainability?

The budget of EPA Sustainability is 10,500,000,000 dollars.

Full form of EPA from encyclopedia?

EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency...

When was EPA Larnaca FC created?

EPA Larnaca FC was created in 1930.

When did EPA Larnaca FC end?

EPA Larnaca FC ended in 1994.

What is the function of EPA?

The function of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to write and enforce laws to protect the environment and people. The EPA was started when President Richard Nixon was in office.

What does the cj4 in motor oil stand for?

C Stands for Compression Engine, J is for EPA Tier IV or Euro Stage IV above type engine. 4 stands for 4 stroke engine

How do you say I love you in koyukon athabascan?

hong chong lala epa epa ahtnamas

The EPA and NASA were formed as?

The EPA and NASA were formed as executive agencies for the US government.

What government agency monitors air quality?

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)EPA

Chemicals that must be reported if released into the environment are considered to be hazardous substances by?

the EPAthe EPA

When was Epa Tamminen born?

Epa Tamminen was born on April 6, 1958, in Porvoo, Finland.

What do the EPA ratings on the car sticker tell you?

the epa sticker tells you the miles per gallon

What information does the EPA gov website provide to its visitors?

The EPA provides quite a lot of information to it's visitors. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency,provides people with the laws that pertain to the environment.

What did Richard Nixon establish?

Nixon established the EPA, the official birthday of EPA is December 2, 1970.

Did President Nixon establish the EPA?

Yes. Nixon proposed the EPA, and it began operations on December 2, 1970.

From the evidence in Top of the Food Chain how can you infer that the narrator is unreliable?

He refers to the EPA as "hopheads."

Who does the EPA answer to?

The President