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Saint Francis of Assisi is often associated with animals and nature, but there is no specific mention of dill in his teachings or writings. However, one could draw parallels between the simplicity and purity that Francis valued and the natural, unadulterated qualities of dill as a herb.

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Q: What does Francis say about dill Why?
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What did francis tell scout about dill?

Francis told Scout that Dill's mother had remarried and that Dill was not coming to Maycomb that summer because he preferred to stay with his new family in Meridian.

Why did Francis upsets scout when he says that no one wants Dill. Why is this a hypocritical statement from francis?

Francis upsets Scout by saying no one wants Dill because Francis himself was the one who started the fight by insulting Atticus, insinuating that no one wants him. This makes his statement hypocritical because he is guilty of the same behavior he is accusing Dill of.

How are Dill and Francis the same and how are they different explain Why is this important?

Dill and Francis are both children in Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird." They are different in their personalities, with Dill being more imaginative and adventurous, while Francis is more traditional and conforming. Understanding these differences is important as it highlights the diversity of characters in the novel and the various ways in which they navigate the societal norms of their time.

What does cousin francis tell scout about dill's home life?

Cousin Francis tells Scout that Dill's home life in Meridian is not as bad as Dill makes it out to be. Francis explains that Dill's parents are fine people, but they simply don't have much time for him due to their busy lives.

What cousin francis tell scout about dill's home life?

that he doesn't have a home and bounces around from family to family

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What does cousin Francis tell about dills home life?

that's he doesnt have a home and moves around from family member to family member

What did dill say that causes scout to accuse him of lying?


What do dill and scout say that they are going to do in the future?

run away and get married

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