What does G2 mean?

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G2 refers literally to Division Level or higher military intelligence. S2 Refers to a 'Company' level intelligence. G2 denotes a broader or higher level of information.

Used in slang the best definition is: 'Higher Intelligence or Higher Level information about a topic than is commonly known. It particularly denotes information that is not readily available either through common information channels nor intuitive reasoning.

Specific literal Example: Our S2 reports that we need to move to this area so that we can provide flank support for Alpha company. (The G2 is that this position is critical because Alpha company must get the enemy out of their position NOW before enemy reinforcement elements arrive.)

Example of usage in military slang:

"I'm going to Ranger School, can you give me some G-2?"

Answer: "Yes, before you get there memorize every aspect of the operations order, be able to recite every paragraph and sub-paragraph from memory. While you are at it you might as well learn the operations order in the context of squad and platoon level operations so you know how to conduct each of the main missions in FM7-8. If you really want to G2 the course, make up some laminated copies of each type Opord with blanks that you can use to quickly write details like grid coordinates and signal information in with a sharpie (fine point) or at worst case scenario with a grease pencil...oh yea, and take care of your feet."

Example in civillian usage:

"My owners manual says to program my remote I have to start by putting the key in the ignition 6 times. However, the Pop-A-Lock guy gave me the just push and pull the key in and out of the ignition steadily until the immobilizer light on the dash illuminates. It worked like a charm."

This is my favorite you can probably tell (thats some G2 for you).

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Q: What does G2 mean?
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What does g1 and g2 mean?

G1- Interphase G2- Prophase

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What does G2 stand for?

G2 can stand for many things. One such thing is the Glasspar G2 which was a sports car that was first manufactured in 1950.

What does the cell do during G2?

during G2 of interphase there is cell growth and preparation for cell division, the cell does its job during G2

When does the g2 come out?

The myTouch 3G was supposed to be meant as the G2

When was g2 Gatorade introduced?

G2 was launched in late 2007.

What is a part interphase?

g2 phase

What does a main-sequence G2 star mean?

it means tgalerxy exploads hat the

What does it mean when on a LG G2 can't receive incoming calls?

It could mean that you're not getting reception where you are at. Or, there could be a carrier issue.

What is better Gatorade classic or g2?

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How does a nucleus in G2 differ from a nucleus in G1?

in g2 the chromatin's are doubled

How many chromosomes enter the G2 Phase?

How chromosomes enter the G2 phase?

What does G2 in mitosis stand for?

The G2 phase in interphase stands for "second gap"

put the following in order: G2 , G1 , S, mitosis, cytokines?

g1, g2,s

Is g1 union g2 a subgroup of g?

It depends on what g, g1 and g2 are.

How does one finish G2 on Mabinogi?

Ok, lets get this straight. G2 is LONG, I mean INCREDIBALLY LONG X.X, so I can't type it all up on here. So here is a site that can tell you. From there scroll down until you reach the search option on the left hand side near the middle of the page. Type in "G2", search, and it will take you to the page that describes how to do G2. And for the ideals just search "Ideal Types" and it'll show a list of Ideals.

What is Us Army G2?

G2 is military intelligence and security, division level or higher.

2 ounces is equal to how many grams?

2 oz equals 57 grams, rounded to the nearest whole gram.The Formula :2 oz*28.34952313 g1 oz=56.69904625 gIts 56.699The formula:2 oz*28.34952313 g1 oz=56.69904625 g2 oz = 56.6990 g2 oz = 56.6990 g2 oz = 56.6990 g2 oz = 56.6990 g2 oz = 56.6990 g2 oz = 56.6990 g2 ou = 56.69904 gramsTo convert 2 oz to grams, use the formula:2 oz*28.34952313 g1 oz=56.69904625 g56.69 grams

What happens during the G2 phase?

When DNA replication is completed, the cell enters the G2 phase. G2 phase is usually he shortest of the three phases of interphase. During the G2 phase, many of the organelles and molecules required for cell division are produced. When the events of the G2 phase are completed, the cell is ready to enter the M phase and begin the process of cell division.

What does g2 star mean?

The main types of star in order of temperature are A, F, G, K, M (A is the hottest). A G2 star is two tenths of the way from G to K, in other words slightly cooler than the standard G-type.

What happens in G2?

multiplication of cell organelles and chemicals for spindle is seen in G2 of cell cycle.

In the g1 and g2 parts of interphase the cell is?

In the G1 and G2 parts of interphase, the cell is not dividing.

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