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What does GB mean for ipods?

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Gigabytes. That's 1024 megabytes.

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How many gigs does an average iPod have?

iPods come in four common capacities: 8 gigabyte, 32 gigabyte, and 64 gigabyte.

For ipods how many GB is 400 MB?

It depends on how much space you have

How much do ipods cost at any store?

That depends on the IPod and how many songs it's able to hold (Gigabytes) IPods are generally about $250 dollars. ITouchs (Best thing everr) Can go from $250 to $399 depending on the gigabytes.

How much do you think a 16 GB Ipod cost that's cracked?

If you are looking for used/refurbished iPods or iPod Touches, then i Would suggest looking at GameStop's collection of iPods. Refurbished iPods are generally cheaper than new iPods, and may be what you are looking for.

How many gigabytes do iPods have, and about how many songs does that equal to?

The iPods today come in various capacities. Depending on your finances, buy what you can afford. I believe they come in 8, 16, 32 and 64 gigabyte varieties. The 64gb will hold over 2000 songs.

How can you get more GB on a ipod touch 2G?

Sadly all ipods storage capacity cant be increased

How many gigabytes is 626.42?

Did you mean: "How much is 626.42 MB in a GB?" If you did mean this the answer is 0.62 GB,

What does GB mean?

A GB is a gigabyte. It's 109 bytes.

How many songs can an ipods hold with 1 GB of memory?

About 250 songs that run for three and a half minutes.

What is the best iPod to purchase?

video ipods are good because they have video and like a 30 GB capacity where the ipod touch and new ipod nano only have like 6 GB

What does 4 GB mean?

four gigabytes

What does KB and gb mean?

kilobyte & gigabyte

What does GB of Ram mean?

GB = GigaByte = 1000 MegaByte enough said..

How do you get more GB on your I pod?

All iPods come in specified capacities, and they are not user-serviceable; there is no practical way to upgrade the capacity of an iPod.

Where can you get free music downlads for ipods besides LimeWire?

BitLord, this is the best as far as I know. There you can download files om several gigabytes

How many song can iPods hold?

It depends on the size of the iPod hard drive. 8 gigabytes ipods hold around two thousand songs, while others might hold more. It also depends on the model of the iPod, because some iPods have more capacity when there are less extra features.

How many bytes are 16 gigabyte?

Its Simple 1000 mb (mega byte) mean 1 GB (gigabyte) 16000 MB (mega byte) mean 16 GB (gigabyte) (1024*16) = 16384 Its my ans ok

How many GB are in a GB?

What do you mean? 1024MB = 1 GB i think he meant how many gigabits in a gigabyte too which the answer would be 8

What is 4 GB in gb?

It is 4 gb. GB and gb are essentially the same thing, even if you mean the difference between gigabytes and gibibytes. the only difference, would be that 4GB could possibly be construed to mean either 4100 KB or 1000 KB, where a gb would only be 4000 kb.

What does 1 GB mean?

It means 1 GigaByte , amount of memory

What does GB mean in computer term?

gigabyte - unit of file size

Between GB and gb?

There is no difference between GB and gb; both mean Gigabyte, or 21000 bytes. However, it is generally considered incorrect to use "gb", because the symbol should be capitalized.

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