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May we rejoice today.

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Q: What does Gaudeamus hodie mean?
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What does the Latin word hodie mean?

Hodie means "today."

What is the English translation for Gaudeamus?

Gaudeamus is Latin for "Let us rejoice."

When was KTU radio Gaudeamus created?

KTU radio Gaudeamus was created in 2005.

When was Gaudeamus International Composers Award created?

Gaudeamus International Composers Award was created in 1957.

What does Latin terms Cantate Hodie mean?

Sing today. (plural imperative)

What are derivatives of hodie?


Meaning of Hodie Chirstus Nautus Est?

The correct spelling is "Hodie Christus natus est" which is Latin for "Today Christ is born".

What is meaning of 'quo vadis hodie'?

Where are you going today

How do you say I am fine in latin?

Sum valde bene hodie.

Which movie used Gaudeamus Igitur?

"People Will Talk" with Cary Grant And J. Crane

What actors and actresses appeared in Das Haus des Dr. Gaudeamus - 1921?

The cast of Das Haus des Dr. Gaudeamus - 1921 includes: Lilli Breda Karl Ehmann Friedrich Feher Rosa Gaty Carl Goetz Bella Muzsnay

What is Maricourt Catholic High School's motto?

Maricourt Catholic High School's motto is 'Gaudeamus in Domino'.