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Green Tree Lending offers low cost refinancing for homeowner suffering from falling house prices. They offer their customers options to reduce their monthly payment, such as interest only mortgage.

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Q: What does Green Tree Lending have to offer?
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What kind of loans does Lending Tree offer?

Lending tree offer a great plethora of loans. It provides access to lenders offering mortgages and refinance loans, home equity loans, lines of credit, and more.

How can one contact the home offices of Green Tree Home Lending?

Customer service representatives of Green Tree Home Lending can be contacted in a variety of different ways: Green Tree Home Lending is available by phone at 1-800-643-0202. Customer Service representatives are also available by mail : Green Tree Customer Service PO Box 6172 Rapid City, South Dakota 57709-6172

What is The Lending Tree's main offer?

Lending Tree provides loans for refinance, loan for buying a home, home equity loan, reverse mortgage loan, auto loan, personal loan and credit cards.

How safe is Lending tree internet banking?

The Lending Tree internet banking is safe and there are no reported security issues. Lending Tree was established in 1998.

What services does Lending Tree provide?

Lending Tree provides mortgages and loans for your home.

How can Lending Tree help me with my financial situation?

Lending Tree can help counsel you on your financial problems and help you see options you hadn't seen or known about before. Most times they offer short term loans to their customers with a small interest rate.

What companies offer personal loans?

There are many companies, both online and with physical locations, that offer personal loans, including banks. Some major companies that offer personal loans include Wells Fargo, Lending Club, Prosper, Lending Tree, and Summit Credit Union.

Is Lending Tree associated with banks?

yes, they offer home load, mortgage, refinance, home equity loan, auto loan, or other loans from lending trees network of the lenders who compete for your bussiness.

Where can one find a list of complaints lodged against Lending Tree?

Consumer affairs website has multiple complaints on their site about the Lending Tree. There are many people stating their stories and reviews for the Lending Tree.

What companies online offer the best deals for remortgaging?

Companies online that offer the best deals for re-mortgaging a home, for example, are Lending Club and Country Wide. Other companies are Lending Tree, People's Mortgage, First Option Online and Wells Fargo.

What can Lending Tree offer for those with bad credit?

Lending Tree offers Bad Credit Mortgage loans, Car loans and Personal loans. They will assign you a loan officer to work with and usually submit your information to four different banks to see which one meets your needs.

Where can one find a consolidation loan company?

There are many companies and websites that offer consolidation on loans. Some of these companies that offer consolidation are Wells Fargo, Lending Tree and Student Aid.