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What does HQ Co World War 2 BSM mean?

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"BSM" could stand for Bronze Star Medal

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What does abbreviation SV CO mean in relation to World War 2 Military unit?

short for Service Company..............

Is call of duty world at war co-op?

it can be.

How do you play co op on world at war final fronts for ps2?

The game does not have co op play

What was the 2 alliences called in world war 1?

Brits and co.= allies germans and co.= axis

Is there Coop for call of duty world at war?

There is Co-Op for this game.

The nationalization of German companies in the us during world war ll?

I want to know the history, behind the nationalization of the German Co. Ozalid in the USA during world war 2, this Co. had the machines that made copies of plans and large documents during world war 2. Ignacio Martinez.

Can you play Call Of Duty World At War Co-op on live?


What should you get call of duty world at war or lord of the rings conquest?

get world at war campaign co-op campaign nazi zombies its legitally awsome

What war movie did both Desi Arnaz and William Frawley co-star in?

Bataan, about World War II

Is Call of duty world at war zombies for ipod touch co-op?

Yea... it says "Co-Op" in the main menu...

On call of duty world at war can you play 3 players on co op?

Yes - you can have a maximum of 4 players in a co-op game.

Who is James K Riley deceased world war you veteran?

he was gassed in world 1 private,co g,104infantry

Is there a co-op mode on call of duty world at war final fronts for the ps2?

no it does not

Call of duty world at war online?

It is online, it even has co-op over the Internet.

Was Iran an ally of Germany World War 2?

not really i guess they would be a co-belligerent

Can you get death cards in single player for call of duty world at war?

Co-op mode only

Any info on Cody Nail us army co g 179th infantry World war 2?

Try "American War Library."

What does Co mean in Slovak language?

co= what :)

What does the prefix ''co'' mean?


What are death cards on call of duty world at war?

They give you things like cheats in Co-op Campaign.

Who fought against russia in World War 2?

Germany. Russia was co-operating (more or less) with the Allies.

Is MW2 campaign 2 player?

Nope, so far only World at War has co-op campaign.

What was the new name for the Japanese Empire in World War 2?

The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere .

How do we decide if a war is a World War?

Alright, the more political/sensible answer that i would thought of is when the whole world, i mean the whole world is affected. For such cases like the recent Iraq War is not really a world war. But according to history records, World War 1 & 2 are define as 'world wars' is because they involved most major power countries (capable of causing military destructive) to the world are involved such as 'Russia, US, British, Germany etc' and other countries which are co-dependant on each other were greatly affected due to the fact that the main countries would be concentrating on the war, not so much concern about other matters around the world. Therefore other countries would became 'stagant' in a way. If all the countries are affected by the war and Half the world is invovled in the war then it is a world war

What does sme mean in banking?

small and medium enterprises Nishan (world expert businessman) Co no: +8801911497595

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