What does Hannah Montana love?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Orlando Bloom. Orlando Bloom.

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Q: What does Hannah Montana love?
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How dues Hannah Montana like?

i love you Hannah Montanai love you Hannah Montana

How is in the show of Hannah Montana?

The Hannah Montana show is great. I love it.

On Hannah Montana is oilver in love with Miley?

No he was in love with Hannah Montana, but not Miley. He later dates Lily.

What Hannah Montana do?

I love you

Is Justin is in love with Hannah Montana. and did that have sex.?

Hannah Montana is not a real person, so no.

Did Hannah Montana give something away from her?

i think she should give it to me i love hannah montana i like the wig she wore in hannah montana forever and the one she wore on hannah montana the movie .

What show do you like Hannah Montana or Wizards of Waverly Place?

i love the most Hannah Montana

You love Hannah Montana why?

I didn't say I do.

Does Hannah Montana love nick?


Does Hannah Montana love Egypt?


What song from a commercial goes i love you?

I love you by Hannah Montana

Does Hannah Montana love me?

Hannah Montana loves everyone...don't you hear her say that at the end of all the concerts?