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Many confused and erroneous explanations of the meaning of the IHS monogram exist, most ascribing meanings to each letter as an acronym. However, IHS is not an acronym at all.

The monogram originated from abbreviations of the name 'Jesus' in ancient Greek script written by Hebrew scribes. The English 'Jesus' derives from the Hebrew name 'Yeshua' (יֵשׁוּעַ), a common alternative form of the name 'Joshua' (יְהוֹשֻׁעַ - Yehoshuah) from Hebrew "to rescue, deliver, save". Hebrew scribes translating the Old Testament into Greek (before the birth of Christ) transliterated 'Yeshua' to Greek Ἰησοῦς ("Iēsous") using the same root sound 'Yesh-' combined with the Greek nominative case suffix "-ous" later reduced to "Iesus". Later Roman scribes, rather than repeatedly writing this full name in their texts on the subject, abbreviated or contracted the root of the name to two capital Greek letters, 'IH' (iota - eta), and added their own 'S' for the nominative case suffix "-us" (masculine singular, second declension). This was very common for such repeated words as sacred names (nomina sacra) and there are many more such instances in Greek and Roman manuscripts from the period, including other early Christian monograms.

Thus יֵשׁוּעַ became Ἰησοῦς became IHS for JE-su-S

The IHS monogram gained popularity in the 12th century when St. Bernard insisted much on devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus, and 14th century Blessed John Colombini, founder of the Jesuati, often wore it on his breast. It became a symbol not unlike the Chi-Rho first popularized in the 4th century, and it was iconographic for St. Vincent Ferrer (d. 1419). St. Bernardine of Sienna (d. 1444) truly spread its use by brandishing it as a shield at sermons and having it inscribed on plaques and walls as a symbol of peace and piety. St. Ignatius of Loyola adopted the monogram as the emblem of the Jesuit Order (1541), incorporating a cross above the "H" and three nails below, surrounded by the sun.

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It is a monogram for the name of Jesus - see related link below:

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Q: What does IHS on a Christian cross mean?
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What does YHS mean on Christian symbols?

I think you mean IHS rather than YHS. Although originally simply standing for Christ's name, IHS is now regarded as a monogram that stands for the Latin Iesus Hominum Salvator - Jesus the Saviour of the World.

In what year did IHS Inc - IHS - have its IPO?

IHS Inc. (IHS)had its IPO in 2005.

What does the cross mean on nordic flags?

The cross on the flags is a Christian cross.

What is the market cap for IHS Inc IHS?

As of July 2014, the market cap for IHS Inc. (IHS) is $9,167,352,615.57.

What is the symbol for IHS Inc in the NYSE?

The symbol for IHS Inc. in the NYSE is: IHS.

What does the cristian cross mean?

The Christian Cross refers to the cross which Jesus died on and signifies the importance of him.

IHS is an international company what does the IHS stand for?

IHS stands for the company "Information Handling Services".

What does ihs mean on an altar?

you mean INRI? Jesus of Nazareth king of the Jews

What does is Christian cross symbol mean?

It means that Jesus died on the cross for every one.

What does IHS stand for in IHS Jane's Defense and Security Intelligence Analysis?

The letters IHS used in IHS Jane's Defense and Security Intelligence Analysis stands for Information Handling Services. IHS is a company the creates and sells catalogs of indexed microfilm.

What does IHS mean in Greek?

IHS is not Greek - it's Latin Although originally simply standing for Christ's name in Greek, IHS is now regarded as a monogram that stands for the Latin Iesus Hominum Salvator - Jesus the Saviour of the World.

When was IHS Inc. created?

IHS Inc. was created in 1959.

What does the acronym IHS mean?

IHS is an acronym for In His Service. It is often found combined with other letters for religious groups. For example, Rose Men In His Service would be RMIHS.

What does the cross mean on the Christian flag?

It shows where he died, and he died for our sins.

What does INRI above a Christian cross mean?

Jesus "king of the Jews"

What does 'IHS' mean on Christian symbols?

This is a monogram of the name of Jesus Christ. From the 3rd century the names of Christ were sometimes shortened, particularly in Christian inscriptions (IH and XP, for Jesus and Christus). In the 4th century the "sigla" (chi-rho) occurs not only as an abbreviation but also as a symbol. From the beginning, however, in Christian inscriptions the names of Jesus Christ, were shortened by contraction, thus IC and XC or IHS and XPS for Iesous Christos. These Greek monograms continued to be used in Latin during the Middle Ages.IHS is the Christogram for the Greek spelling of Jesus (ΙΗΣ- iota-eta-sigma; short for ΙΗΣΟΥΣ)

What does the name santa cruz mean?

"Holy cross" or "saint cross" meaning the Christian symbol of the crucifixion of Christ.

Is the red cross anti Christian?

The red cross is not anti Christian.

What did you mean when we say christian?

Being Christian means to be a follower of Christ. Also, if you believe that Jesus dies on the cross for our sins.

What does IHS mean Catholic Church?

jesus christ saviour of humanity, their is no j in latin

What do cross tattoos on the wrist symbolize?

A cross tattoo on the wrist means that you are a Christian A cross ANYWHERE on a person, does Not always mean they are Christian! Some use/wear it as just another piece of jewlery.

What does down with the eagle and up with the cross mean?

it means to replace the Union with a Christian cross and a Christian religious country.

What is the Monogram of the name Jesus not Jesus Christ?

IHS (or JHS but for Telegraph crossword purposes it's IHS!)

What does the christiantity symbol mean?

I assume you mean the Holy Cross. The cross symbolises the cross on which Jesus died, so that whenever a Christian casts his gaze upon one, he might remember that Jesus dies for his sins.

What is the Symbol of Christians?

The symbol of Christian's is the Christian Cross, being just a solid black cross.

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