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it means someone will always be be your side no matter if anything good or bad happens it will be a supportive someone

"I got your back" means "I am behind you" or "I will defend you" -- "these mean streets" mean "this location, which is hard and tough to survive."

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What does I got your back mean?

its means that somebody will be there for you no matter what happens.they will support you

What is the No6 mean on Ryan Seacrest's lapel stand for?

Got your back

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Back Streets Back- By The Back Street Boys

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'Hobos' are people who live on the streets, usually in cities and populated areas. They also do not have a home, and carry all of their possessions with them on their back.

What does it mean when your report card says retained?

That means you got held back

What does las calles mean in English?

The streets

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What does the phrase 'have your back' mean?

This means that the person who said it is "watching your back", and is there to support you. "Watching your back" or "Got your back" means that they are in support and there to defend you if needed.

What did people do with the dead bodies from the plague?

they burnt the bodies when the streets got to filled

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