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"Ich habe Kopfschmerzen und das nicht gefaellt mir" means "I have a sore head and I don't like it" or more literally, "It doesn't please me"

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Q: What does Ich Habe Komfschmerzen Das nicht gafelt mir mean?
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What does ich habe nicht wissen mean?

Ich habe nicht gewissen means [I didn't know (a fact)].Ich habe nicht wissen is a common mistake (with the same meaning) among people who speak German as a second, or third language.===========================================================The correct conjugation is:Ich habe nicht gewusst, dass.... I didn't know that....If you want to say I didn't know as a stand-alone statement then the correct form is:Das habe ich nicht gewusstorIch habe es nicht gewusst

Ich habe dich nicht vergessen mean?

I haven't forgotten you.

What does ich habe dich nicht gern mean in English?

I don't like you.

What does Saugt schaukelt deutchland habe ich recht nicht mean?

Saugt schaukelt Deutchland habe ich recht nichtmakes absolutely nop sense but translates as suck swing Germany am I right not.

What does ich habe Sie in einer langen Zeit nicht gesehen mean?

I haven`t seen.... a) you (singular and plural, formal).... or b) her.... or c) them.... a long time.

What does ich habe dich mean in English?

The "am" can mean several different things depending on what follows (it can mean at, on, in, by, most, etc.). "Ich habe" means "I have."

What does ich habe nor mean?

ich habe = I have nor is not a German word

What does Nicht auf Englisch mean?

nicht is not in english

What does ich habe kein geld mean in English?

ich habe kein Geld = I have no money

What does Ich habe das macht mean?

It means: I've done that Ich- i habe- have das- that macht- fone

What does spring nicht mean in English?

Spring' nicht (full springe nicht) means don't jump

What does weiss nicht mean?

Weiss nicht translates as don't know.