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"Mountain" is an English equivalent of "monte."

Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is "il" ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is "un, uno" ("a, one").

The pronunciation is "MOHN-teh."

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Q: What does Italian word mont'e mean?
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What does 'moh' mean in Italian?

moh monte

What is 'mountain' in Italian?

Montagna is the most common Italian equivalent of "mountain."Specifically, the Italian word is a feminine gender noun. Another equivalent, the masculine gender noun monte, tends to be translated as "mount." But it is the word that is used in the Italian equivalent of "mountain top": cima al monte. , with cima meaning "top" and al meaning "to the."

What does presepe mean in Italian?

The Italian word presepe translates into Italian as the word crib. The word presepe in Spanish is said as cuna.

What is Italian word for ideas?

"idee" is the Italian word for "ideas" but in the singular, the Italian word is the same as the English one. I mean English - Italian = idea - idea :) get it?

What does the Italian word dell'anno mean in English?

Dell'Anno is an Italian word that means: Of the year.

What does fert mean in Italian?

Fert - no known word in Italian

What does so mean in Italian?

"So" is the word for "I know" in Italian.

What does the Italian word 'no nno' mean?

no no

What does the Italian word buongiorno mean?

Buongiorno is the Italian word for "good day" or "good morning."

What does vivo mean in Italian?

The Italian word vivo translates into the English word alive. The Italian word vivo also has the translation into the English word living or to live.

What does the Italian word poisson mean?

It is FRENCH, not Italian. It means FISH.

What is the English phrase 'Devil's Mountain' in Italian?

"Monte del diavolo" is an Italian equivalent of the English phase "Devil's Mountain."Specifically, the masculine noun "monte" means "devil." The word "del" combines the preposition "di" with the masculine singular definite article "il" to mean "of the." The masculine noun "diavolo" means "devil."The pronunciation is "MOHN-teh dehl DYAH-voh-loh."