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925 Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper.

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What does the stamp dnt mean on Italy 925 mens chainlink bracelet

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What does 925 Italy mean on a gold necklace?

.925 is the marking for sterling silver.

What does 925 italy w on silver necklace mean?

925 is a purity mark for sterling silver, meaning the piece is 92.5% silver, and in this case it was presumably made in Italy.

What does 925 ITALY mean on a gold chain necklace?

It is gold plated over sterling silver and it was made in Italy

What is a 925 Italy silver necklace worth?

worth is $560.00

If a necklace is stamped '925' and also stamped 'Italy' is it real silver?


What does Italy 8U 925 silver necklace mean?

The .925 signifies that it's sterling silver. I believe the 8U might have something to do with the net weight of the silver, but I am completely unsure.

What does 925 Italy on silver necklace mean?

It means it is 92.5% silver the rest is other materials.. worth around 50$

What does pt 925 Italy mean on a silver bracelet?

Made in Italy out of silver that is .925 pure silver.

What does the stamp ms 66 925 mean on your silver necklace?

925 means sterling silver

What does ka 1772 and 925 Italy mean on a necklace clasp?

KA 1772 is the abbreviation for the company KARIZIA SPA based in Italy. 925 means the necklace has 925 parts of gold per weight of 1000, or 92.5 percent pure silver.

What does IJC Italy 925 mean on a necklace?

ijc Italy is probably the people who made the necklace. the 925 means the Sterling Silver 925 sterling silver is comprised of 92.5% pure silver alloyed with other metals for strength, shine, and durability. Generally, the remaining 7.5% of the composition includes a harder metal such as copper or nickel.

What does 925 Italy mean on diamond necklace slide?

The 925 is a sterling silver mark. I would doubt if diamonds were set in this . They are most apt to be crystals or paste

How do you know if your 925 Italy necklace is solid or plated?

The "925 Italy" marking on your necklace indicates sterling silver composition. If it is a yellow color, then it is vermeil - gold plated silver.Visit the links below to learn more about gold and silver markings.

What does 925 Italy fas on gold necklace mean?

The "925" probably refers to the purity: 925/1000 gold.

Is gold necklace worth anything if it is stamped 925 Italy?

925 is sterling silver. Gold plated is properly over Sterling silver Lynda

What does the .925 mean on my silver necklace?

The .925 means that the necklace is sterling silver. Silver is not usually used in its pure form, because it is too malleable and would bend too easily.

What does seta 925 on a necklace and ring mean?

Seta 925 is the name of a company and the metals that made the necklace and ring. A marking of 925 is at least 92.5% sterling silver.

What does 925 Italy on a bracelet mean?

It is silver and most likely from Italy. The number 925 commonly means silver. 908205691838-I just want to add, the 925 means 92.5% silver

What does su 925 Italy mean on necklace gold middle looks like diamonds i know they aren't?

it means sterling silver partly. 925 is the percentage of silver mixed with other alloys. italy is where it's made. And su is the maker Savant's mark.

Does it mean that your 925 Italy necklace has no value?

The stamp "925" means sterling silver. This means your chain is worth a little less than 14/15 dollars per ounce.

What does the 925 with a star on a gold color necklace mean?

It means that it is gold electroplated silver. The 925 means purest silver. The piece is not gold, it is silver.

What does 925 Italy ITAOR mean?

925 is a marking for sterling silver , Italy is where it is from and ITAOR Is the designer of the jewelry .

What does 925 Italy on earrings mean?

Sterling silver, made in Italy.

What does 925 and made in Italy mean?

On jewelry, "925" indicates that it is made of 92.5% silver.

WHAT does SU mean on a 925 sterling silver necklace?

It may be the maker of the necklace. Like the trademark. Hope this helps.

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