Lord of the Flies

What does Jacks new face look like in Lord of The Flies?


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it looks like hes scared


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One cheek and one eye socket white,red over the other half of his face.A black slash of charcoal across from right ear to left jaw is the jacks new face look like in lord of the flies.

he paints his face. The face came to deem him as a savage, among other things, and that is why Golding included it in the novel.

The island in Lord of the Flies is shaped like a boat.

beelzeub is greek for lord of the flies, which also means devil

The other boys in Lord of the Flies don't like Piggy.

The lord of the flies is a sow's head on a stick in the ground surrounded by flies due to the fresh kill it is.

Jack painted his face to feel more like a hunter, and more along the lines he's becoming a savage and more violent.

Ralph sees the lord of the flies as a " skull on a stick" hope i helped :)

Who said we don't need the conch anymore in the Lord of the flies

In the Lord of Flies the character of Roger is described as a slight English boy. He is thought to be somewhere between the littluns and the biguns.

Simon from Lord of the Flies represents purity and manifests the characteristics of a Christ-like figure amongst the otherwise savage and sadistic boys.

The pig from the "Lord of the Flies" represents evil. It is actually the pig head which symbolizes a devil-like presence and sheer darkness to the reader.

He is like Gandhi because they both did not believe in violence

What does Ralph think the ocean like? what the hell?

This is similar to the the conch from the Lord of the Flies,which was a large white king conch.See related link for an image of someone blowing a conch.

he is has blonde hair and he is skinny and white

Lord of the flies occured when Jack killed the mother pig and hang the head of the pig like offer to the beast but after a while Simon saw that the head of the pig was covered by flies, thats when it occured.

There would be more crime, just like in the book Lord of the Flies.

Its not like the Garden of Eden. It is actually very different!

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