What does Jacob make Bella?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Jacob does not get Bella pregnant. Jacob and Bella never even have sex.

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Q: What does Jacob make Bella?
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Does Jacob Really make out with Bella?

well...Jacob doesn't exactly make out with her,but Jacob kisses Bella and Bella punches him and she breaks her knuckle,but later in the book he really kisses her and she decides she loves Jacob in a way YES!!!!

Does Bella and Jacob make love in breaking dawn?

no but Bella and Edward do!!!

Did Jacob make it to Bella's wedding?


Did Bella make her decision on Edward or Jacob?


What did Bella and Jacob do when they were kids?

make mud pies together

Is Jacob in love with Bella and renesmee?

Jacob was in love with Bella until Bella got renesmee so Jacob loves renesmee

Is Jacob a family member of Bella?

no....jacob is not a family member of bella.

What happens to Jacob and Bella?

By the end of the last book, Breaking Dawn, Jacob and Bella continue to be friends, but Jacob no longer loves Bella.

Is there going to be a scene in Eclipse where Kristen and Taylor make out?

there should be because in the book Jacob kisses Bella. Bella doesn't want too... but Jacob kind of forces it on her

Who is Jacob to Bella?

Jacob in the end of Breaking Dawn is Bella's son-in-law.

Does Bella kiss Jacob after she gets married?

No, but in Eclipse Bella and Jacob kiss.

Why did Stephenie Meyer make Jacob and Bella go out in the book new moon?

Jacob and Bella never really went out, they got feelings for each other. Bella was using Jacob as a distraction from Edward since he had just left her in order to keep her life safe.