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What does Jameel mean?

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Jameel is of Arabic-origin and means: handsome.

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What is the birth name of Jameel Cook?

Jameel Cook's birth name is Jameel A. Cook.

When was Tariq Jameel born?

Tariq Jameel was born in 1953.

When was Fathulla Jameel born?

Fathulla Jameel was born in 1942.

When did Fathulla Jameel die?

Fathulla Jameel died in 2012.

When was Jameel Jaffer born?

Jameel Jaffer was born in 1971.

How tall is Jameel McCline?

Jameel McCline is 6' 6".

How tall is Jameel Cook?

Jameel Cook is 5' 10".

Where was Tariq Jameel born and raised?

Tariq Jameel was born and raised in Mian Channu, Pakistan. Tariq Jameel is a Sunny Islamic Scholar. You can learn more about Tariq Jameel online from the Wikipedia.

What is the Arabic word 'jameel' in English?

Beautiful (for a male)

What has the author Jameel Jalibi written?

Jameel Jalibi has written: 'Pakistan'

What has the author Yaqoob Jameel written?

Yaqoob Jameel has written: 'Mazloom'

What is Jameel Jalibi's birthday?

Jameel Jalibi was born on June 12, 1929.

When was Jameel Jalibi born?

Jameel Jalibi was born on June 12, 1929.

When was Jameel Dumas born?

Jameel Dumas was born on 1981-02-18.

What nicknames does Jameel McCline go by?

Jameel McCline goes by Big Time.

When was Jameel Watkins born?

Jameel Watkins was born on 1977-08-02.

When did Jameel Sayhood die?

Jameel Sayhood died on 1991-01-19.

When was Jameel McClain born?

Jameel McClain was born on 1985-07-25.

When was Jameel McCline born?

Jameel McCline was born on 1970-05-20.

How tall is Jameel McClain?

NFL player Jameel McClain is 6'-01''.

How tall is Jameel Saleem?

Jameel Saleem is 6' 3 1/2".

When was Mohamed Jameel Ahmed born?

Mohamed Jameel Ahmed was born in 1969.

When was Mohamed Jameel born?

Mohamed Jameel was born on 1975-10-04.

When was Muhammad Jameel Didi born?

Muhammad Jameel Didi was born in 1915.

When did Muhammad Jameel Didi die?

Muhammad Jameel Didi died in 1989.

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