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What does Juan mean in spanish?

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Juan means God is Gracious in spanish

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What does the name juan mean?

Juan is the Spanish form of John

What the the name Juan mean?

The name Juan means God is gracious and is of Spanish origin. Juan is the Spanish version of the name John.

The name Juan mean?

Juan is Spanish and it means "god is gracious."

What dose Juan mean in spanish?


What does donde esta Juan Carlos mean in english?

it means "where is Juan Carlos". I'm minoring in Spanish at USC.

Who founded San juan?

If you mean mission San Juan the Spanish built the mission system in the 1700's.

What does spanish names of places in Trinidad mean?

san juan

What does Jonathan mean in spanish?

The various derivations of John are usually expressed in Spanish as Juan. As a nickname - Juanito.

How do you spell the name Juan in Spanish?

Juan is the Spanish language version of John. It is spelt/spelled Juan.

What does Johnny mean in Spanish?

The eqivalent of "John" in Spanish is "Juan". To make this the diminutive "Johnny", You would say "Juanito".

What does Juan mean in Japanese?

There is not a listed meaning for the name Juan in the Japanese language. The name is Spanish in origin and means God is gracious.

How do you spell John in Spanish?

The Spanish equivalent of the name John would be Juan. Spanish for John is Juan.

What does the spanish name Juana mean?

Juana is the Spanish feminine variant of Juan, which is John; from the Hebrew yokhanan meaning ''Yahweh is gracious".

What is the Spanish name for john?


How do you say john is tall in spanish?

Juan es alto (Juan means John in Spanish)

What does Juan mean in the English language?

Juan is the Spanish word for the name "John" in the English language as well as the Spanish version of the English name John. Many times a man named John in English may be called Juan by a Spanish speaker, especially in instances of famous John's such as with Saint John. However, men may also be named Juan, but Spanish speakers that also speak English would not call someone they know as 'Juan', 'John' to an English speaker because his given name is still 'Juan'.

What does a las mean in Spanish?

It is either an article part of speech which would mean "the" for example "las manzanas" means "the apples", or it is a direct object pronoun which would mean "them" for example "Juan las tiene". That means "Juan has them".

Is Juan male or female?

Male. Juan is Spanish for John

Was Juan Ponce de Leon Spanish?

he was spanish

What does donde esta Juan charlos mean?

I think the spelling of your question should be ¿Dónde está Juan Carlos? (no 'h' in 'Carlos' in the usual Spanish spelling).It means 'Where is Juan Carlos?' or 'Where is John Charles?'

What Sean is in Spanish?


What does A mean in Spanish?

The letter "a" is used to mean "at" or "to." It can combine with "el" (the, masculine) as the word "al" (at the, to the). Example: Vienen a la iglesia. - They come to the church. Juan está a la escuela. - Juan is at the school / in school.

What does the name Juanita mean?

Juanita is a feminine diminutive of the Spanish name Juan, which means "God is gracious."

What does GeJuan mean?

Juan means "John" in Spanish. The first part of the name is a made-up addition.

What does johnathon mean in spanish?

Names should never be translated unless the owner of the name uses a translation or nick name. The counterpart of John in Spanish is Juan

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