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14K stamped on a gold ring means that the ring is made of 14 carat gold. If the stamp reads K14, it was just marked improperly.

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Q: What does K14 stamped mean on a gold ring. Not 14K - K14.?
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What is gold stamped 14km mean?

14kM mean 14k ring for men

What does 14k g mean stamped on a ring?

It means "14 Karat Gold".

What does Nam and 14k mean stamped in a white gold ring?

14k means that the ring is 14 karots... soft but not easy to break

What does 14k PJM mean stamped on ring?

What does 14k PJM mean on ring

What does it mean when a ring is stamped with 14k bell crest?

14K means the ring is supposed to be 14k Gold. That is 58.5% gold and 41.5% other metals. If the stamp is Bellcrest, it is the hallmark of the manufacturer.

What does it mean if a silver ring is stamped with 14k and 92.5?

There are two reasons a ring could be stamped with 14k and 925 1) The ring is made from both 14k gold and Sterling Silver (925). 2) The ring is made from Vermeil which can be made from 14k gold thickly plated over Sterling Silver.

What does 14k artcarved mean stamped on the inside of a ring?

It means that the Designer is ArtCarved Bridal and it is true 14K Gold.

What does 14k GE mean when stamped on the inside of a ring?

18 karat gold electroplate

What does 14k PJ stamped inside a gold ring stand for?

14k gold pf is the maker

What does GR in a circle stamped in my ring mean?

it should be marked ( stamped ) with 14K, 18K or XK, etc. if it is gold one; I have a silver looking weeding ring with the letters GR stamped. ... If a (gold) ring has, for example, 14K or 18K, this means the ring is 14 or 18 karat gold. If the ring has KPG instead of just a K.J

What does14K GL stamped on a ring mean?

14K GL means 14 karat gold

What does 14 kw stamped inside a gold ring mean?

"Karat-weight." The same as "14k."

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