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What does KB and gb mean?

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kilobyte & gigabyte

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What do KB MB and GB mean?

KB = Kilobyte MB = Megabyte GB = Gigabyte also TB = Terabyte

What is 4 GB in gb?

It is 4 gb. GB and gb are essentially the same thing, even if you mean the difference between gigabytes and gibibytes. the only difference, would be that 4GB could possibly be construed to mean either 4100 KB or 1000 KB, where a gb would only be 4000 kb.

How many KB are in 4 gb?

There are exactly 4194304 kb in 4 gb. There are approximately 1,000,000 kb in a gb. There are 1024 bytes in a kb, 1024 kb in a MB, and 1024MB in a GB

How many GB is 4.2 KB?

0 A GB is larger than a KB as such it's impossible to have a GB in a KB. GB stands for Gigabyte KB stands for Kilobyte 1024 KB = 1 MB 1024 MB = 1 GB

Which is more a GB or a KB?

A GB is bigger then a KB.

How many KB are in Gb?

There are about 1,048,576 KB in a GB

What does MG KB GB mean?

They are all measures of a computers digital processor storage, memory and transmission. KB = Kilobyte, MB = Megabyte, GB = Gigabyte.

How many KB are in 3 GB?

If there are 1048576 KB in 1 GB it would be 3145728 KB in a 3 GB

Formula to convert KB to gb?

Kb/gb = gb example: 10 kb = 1/1000 = 0.00001

Which is more 1 gb or 250 KB?

1 GB because 1 GB is 1,050 KB. And 250 KB is 0.00023 GB.

What is the difference between a KB and a GB?

A gigabyte (GB) is larger than a kilobyte (KB). 1 GB = 1024 MB = 1048576 KB

How many kilobytes in 120 gigabytes?

1000 KB = 1 MB = 0 GB 100000 KB = 100 MB = 0 GB 1,000,000 KB = 1000 MB = 1 GB 10,000,000 KB = 10000 MB = 10 GB 100,000,000 KB = 100000 MB = 100 GB 20,000,000 KB = 20,000 MB = 20 GB Answer is: 120,000,000 KB = 120 GB (120 Million KB).

What is the Full form of gb and KB?

GB stands for gigabytes and KB stands for kilobytes

How many KB is in one gb?

One gb has 1048576 kb.

Is gb bigger than KB?

Yes. There are 1,048,676 kb in a gigabyte.

1 KB how many GB?

1048576 KB in 1 GB

How man KB in a MB?

if you mean how many their are 1024 kb in one mb their are 1024 mb in one gb their are 1024 gb in one tb

How many gb are in 60000 KB?

There are 0.06 gb in 60000 KB. GB stands for gigabytes while KB are the initials used for kilobytes which are units of measuring data.

669493 KB is how much gb?

1024 kb = 1 mb 1024 mb = 1 gb 669493 kb = 0.638 gb

Which is bigger 1gb or 1 KB?

1 GB=1 Million KB........ SO GB>KB

5120 KB is how many GB?

Since there are 1024 KB in 1 MB, and 1024 MB in 1 GB, therefore there are 1,048,576 KB in 1 GB. So 5120 KB equals 0.0048828125 GB.

What is higher a KB or Gb?

Gb is higher. There are roughly 1000 kb in a mb and 1000 mb in a gb.

How many KB in 6 Gigabyte?

6 Gigabytes is equal to 6,291,456 KB

How many KB make 4 GB?

4194304 KB = 4 GB

How many KB make 7 gigabytes?

there are 7516192 kb in 7 gigabytes

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