What does Kanis mean in Dutch?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: What does Kanis mean in Dutch?
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What does ti kanis mean?

Translated from the Greek, it means "How are you?".

How tall is Anne Kanis?

Anne Kanis is 165 cm.

Fkler ta bramata bu ti tsanda su or te na kanis..... what do these mean?

Sorry, but that is not spanish.ANSWER:The only thing I can make out of this are the phrases "ti tsanda su" which can translate to:"in your purse, or, to your purse", and "te na kanis" which (if it was ti na kanis) translates to "what to do." This is in Greek.

When was Willy Kanis born?

Willy Kanis was born on 1984-07-27.

When was Anne Kanis born?

Anne Kanis was born in 1979, in Berlin, Germany.

What is the birth name of Anne Kanis?

Anne Kanis's birth name is Anne Richter.

What has the author A Kanis written?

A. Kanis has written: 'A revision of the Ochnaceae of the Indo-Pacific area' -- subject(s): Ochnaceae

What has the author M Kanis written?

M. Kanis has written: 'Naar een rode dageraad?' -- subject(s): Socialism

What has the author John A Kanis written?

John A. Kanis has written: 'Textbook of osteoporosis' -- subject(s): Osteoporosis, Etiology, Prevention & control, Therapy

How do say how are you in greek?

Είμαστε [EEmaste] *unless you mean "there are"... there is no actual translation for only "are"

How do you kill Atomic Kanis?

You can't kill him, he is immortal

What is the gesture means in Cyprus?

para kalo, ti kanis