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Q: What does Lacuna pro diligo exsisto aer vel volatis unda mean?
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What does diligo vestri mean?

I care for you.

What does exsisto validus mean?

It's Latin for "Be Strong".

What does lacona mean?

Do you mean lacuna? A lacuna is a hole, an absence. It is often used to describe a meaning for which a particular language has no word.

What does exspecto pro meus diligo mean?

For my love, I look for the

What does Totus Votum Diligo mean?

Whole Prayer To value highly

What does questio pro diligo mean?

It probably means that someone has used an on line translator to try to translate English to Latin. They don't work. 'Questio pro diligo' is gibberish.

What does the Latin word lacuna mean?

Hole; pit.

What does Ego Diligo Deus and Laus Deus Semper mean?

Ego diligo Deus means I love God in non-grammatical Latin and Laus Deus Semper means "Praise God Always"

What does EGO mos diligo vos pro totus vicis mean?

I will love you for all the time

What does the word lacuna mean?

The word "Lacuna" means a gap or a missing part. It is usually a small opening such as the matrix of a bone or cavity. The word is of Latin origin meaning the blank portion of a manuscript. The plural is Lacune.

What does ego diligo vos mean in English?

I love you. Yes, it could be that - but diligo is a much milder word that amo, the best latin word for 'love.' Diligo is more like 'hold dear, esteem, have regard for.' Also, note that the 'you (vos)' is plural, the word order is atypical, and the use of the pronoun unusual. Most likely, somone put 'I love you' in one of those unreliable online translators and got that out. Best for 'I love you' is: Te amo.

What does the lacuna coil Japanese logo mean?

If you look closely, it is not Japanese. It's an L and C overlapping each other