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I understand it completely

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Q: What does Lo comprendo completamente mean?
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What are some ways for Spanish people to say to Americans?

No comprendo. Lo siento, no comprendo. No habla Engles! En Engles, por favor.

What does comprendo mean?

Comprendo is Spanish. In English it means: I understand.

How do you say i don't understand what you are saying in spanish?

No comprendo lo que usted decir No entiendo lo que dices

Who copied my lisp behind me on the road mean?

yo no comprendo

What does ' comprendo tu' mean?

I understand you, if 'tu' is written as 'tú'

What is completamente in English?

completamente = completely

When was No Comprendo created?

No Comprendo was created in 1986.

What does no es completamente verdad mean?

It's not totally true.

When was The No Comprendo created?

The No Comprendo was created on 1986-09-20.

When was Completamente Enamorados created?

Completamente Enamorados was created in 1990.

What are the differences between construction and manufacturing?

manufacture mean you make while construction mean you build. el comprendo?

How do you say i do not understand English in Spanish?

Yo no entiendo. That is I don't understand. If you want to say I don't understand you, you would say " No te entiendo.""No comprendo"" No entiendo. " If you're saying it to someone. Ie I don't understand you it's "No te entiendo."