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the surgical removal of brain tissue

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How do you spell lobotomy?


How long for lobotomy school?

how long does it take to finish lobotomy schoo?

Where did lobotomy start?

I believe it was the Incas who began the head surgeries, aka... lobotomy.

How do you use the word lobotomy in a sentence?

A lobotomy was a medical procedure pioneered in the 1930's as a treatment for psychological ailments, known for it's debilitating side effects.Did you get any sleep? You look like you've had a lobotomy.My grandmother was given a lobotomy and was never the same again.

When was the first lobotomy?


How does lobotomy relate to the story flowers for Algernon?

Charlie Gorden got a lobotomy operation done on him by scientists for experimentational associations.

How do you eat after disembowelment?

How do you think after a lobotomy?

How would you use lobotomy in a sentence?

If you use a rusty spoon in a lobotomy, scooping out the brain will most certainly hurt. Don't do it. :D

How many countries border the eastern side of California?

1 America! or did u you mean states???? Sincerely, Dr. Lobotomy

What words sound like lobotomy?

There are other medical words that sound like 'lobotomy', such as oncotomy, tenotomy, and, perhaps most similar, phlebotomy.

What actors and actresses appeared in Reverse Lobotomy - 2014?

The cast of Reverse Lobotomy - 2014 includes: Jehs Latchford as Radio Interviewer

What is a brain lobotomy?

A lobotomy is a type of neurosurgery where the anterior region of the frontal lobe of the brain is completely removed. The more common form of a lobotomy is the Transorbital Lobotomy, a procedure in which the frontal lobe is "scrambled" with an icepick inserted without incision through the eye sockets and then moved around in the brain so as to cut off any neurological connection to and from that region of the brain.

Is lobotomy still used today?


Do doctors still give lobotomy?


Why do I keep getting this pain on the side of my neck but it's only happened a couple of times will it keep happening until I get a lobotomy and what is a lobotomy and how much will it cost?

i do not have an answer as to why you are getting pain in the side of your neck. it could be anything from a pulled muscle to a pinched nerve to a problem with your spine. BUT a lobotomy would NOT be a treatment for it. a lobotomy is where they remove part of the frontal lobe of your brain to stop mental illnesses and is rarely done anymore.

Who performed a lobotomy on Rosemary Kennedy?

Walter Freeman did.

Side effects of lobotomy?

becoming childlike and dull

When did rosemary Kennedy have lobotomy surgery?

sometime in 1941

What would encourage a person to move to Massachusetts?

A lobotomy.

What was the influence that the dutch had on Indonesia?

A Lust Of Greed and Lobotomy . . .

What happens to you after having a lobotomy?

Lobotomy patients generally lose the ability to do goal-oriented activities or make plans for the future. They are very stimulus-based and get easily distracted.

What is the medical term meaning surgical incision into a lobe?


Surgery used to treat intractable mental disorders?


Where did rosemary Kennedy have lobotomy surgery?

Rosemary Kennedy had her lobotomy at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C. in 1941. Neurologist Walter Freeman and his assistant, James Watts, performed the procedure.

What is the medical term meaning surgical removal of part of the brain?


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