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What does MSN mean?

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MSN is Microsoft's internet service, the MicroSoft Network.

What it is:

It is a chat box where you add hotmail emails to speak to your friends,

You can download it from the internet, add your friends and you can chat together but don't download any smiley faces to go with the MSN as it crashes it. Only download MSN.

Given below where you can download the latest version (it's all safe and free!).

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What does si tienes msn el mio es mean in spanish?

if you have msn, mine is...

What is a MSN mean?

MicroSoft Network

What does it mean if a guy asks you to open your webcam on msn?

It means he wants you to open your webcam on msn.

What does msn mean after doctors name?

MSN = Masters in the Science of Nursing. It means they are a nurse, not a doctor.

What does btw mean on msn?

BTW = By the way. However, it's not just on MSN, it's a type of SMS.

What is mean by msn?

MSN means messenger it is a downloadable application for your computer that you can communicate with friend by instant messaging them

How do you get msn if you already have a msn address?

If you mean the msn messenger , you can download from If you mean you want to have the second msn account? Then , you can register again from the to get the 2nd , 3rd , 4th.....many more msn account, but for sure , don't register more and more if they are useless because others may want to use.

On msn what does yw mean?

It means your welcome.

What does 1q mean on msn?

One question

What do MSN mean?

Micro Soft Network

What does nlm mean on msn?

middle finger

What's Lilly Truscott's msn addie?

AnswerLilly Truscott, you mean Emily Osment's msn

What does 'msn' stand for behind a name?

It could mean a number of things. Could be a master of science degree in nursing (MSN). no it stand for micsoft social networking

What does the MSN logo mean?

it means that you can talk drity on it

What does pmsl mean on msn?

Pissing myself laughing.

Does sharpay have msn?

which sharpy do yhou mean - x - <<X>>

On msn what does 'oki' mean?

It means "ok"

What does ROFL mean in MSN talk?

rolling on the floor laughing

What does asl mean on msn?

asl = age/sex/location

What does a mean with brackets around it?

The angel smiley in msn messenger.

What does rofl mean in MSN?

It means 'rolling on floor laughing'.

What mean by transducer and sensor?

you can be eny age t have msn

What is a msn degree in nursing?

msn is a website. this question makes absolutely no sense. is this a joke? NO not a joke. Some doctors have the degreed letters APN MSN behind their names... Curious to know what the letters mean....

What does it mean when someone ashks for you msn?

When someone asks for your msn, they are asking for you instant messaging user name. Basically, they ask for your email address.

What does brb in msn talk mean?

brb in msn talk means be right back so what the person is trying to tell you is that they will be right back.