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Actually, M/S stands for "motor ship", M/V stands for "motor vessel" and S/S means "steam ship".

The Latter response is correct RMS on British ships refers to Royal Mail Ship. MS = Motor ship. SS = Steam Ship.

In naval (military) usage USS is "United States Ship"; HMS is "Her (His) Majesty's Ship" etc.

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Q: What does MS stand for on cruise ships?
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What type of ship is the Holland America Oosterdam?

The MS Oosterdam is a commercial cruise ship for the cruise line Holland America. The MS Oosterdam is part of Holland America's Vista-class cruise ships.

What does MSC stand for on cruise ships?


Where online can someone find information on the largest cruise ships in the world?

The two largest cruise ships of the world are the "MS Allure of The Seas" and the "MS Oasis of The Seas" which both have identical dimensions and performance characteristics. They are both property of the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and information on them can be found on their website.

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What are the world's largest cruise ships?

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What percentage of cruise ships sink in a year?

None. No cruise ships sank in 2014.

Is cruise ships a common noun?

Yes, the compound noun 'cruise ships' is a common noun, a general word for any cruise ships of any kind.

How long are carnival cruise ships?

cruise ships range from 300 to1,025 feet long

Do they have pool tables in cruise ships?

A lot of cruise ships have pool tables. So that is a "Yes"

What kind of water does a cruise ship have in its pool?

It depends. Some cruise ships, like Royal Caribbean, have regular pool chlorinated water. Other cruise ships, like Carnival Cruise Ships, have salt water for their pool.

Who owns the Westerdam cruise ships?

The MS Westerdam is a cruise ship that is owned by Holland America Line's Vista Class. The ship has been in service since 2004 and can hold nearly 2000 passengers.

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The Disney Cruise Ships travel to places outside the USA.

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The Best Cruise Ships Are Often Smaller?

When seeking to identify the best cruise ships and cruise deals, consumers should always remember smaller cruise lines. Smaller cruise ships offer passage at competitive prices. In addition, many cruise ship patrons report enjoying themselves far more when they cruise on smaller ships. Smaller ships offer a more personalized experience for consumers. With a higher ratio of crew to passengers, service is also greatly improved.

What are cruise ships made out of?

there made out of iron steel and wood cruise ships are made as the same as the rms titanic

Where are cruise ships parked out of season?

There is no 'off season' for cruise ships. They need to maximise there use to make a profit.

How many cruise ships in the world?

About 1,000,000,000 cruise ships but like 1/3 of them are completely unknown and useless.

Where can you buy a cruise ship?

At a company who makes cruise ships.

Are Nepalese citizens Band to work in cruise ships?

yes indeed they are . Currently Nepalese crew are working in different cruise ships in variety of jobs . There are several cruise agencies in kathmandu providing ships jobs.

Why people spend so much on cruise ships?

Cruise Ships are like any other vacation spot. Instead of doing it on land, people do it on the ships.

Do cruise ships have brothels?


Do Disney cruise ships have a casino?

No, Disney Cruise Line ships do not have casinos aboard.

Should I spend my money with Costa Cruise Lines if I want a luxurious cruise from the United States to Argentina?

Costa Cruise Line is known for its affordable but luxurious cruise ships. You will not regret cruising to Argentina on their cruise ships. Hop on board!

How long are cruise ships?

My cruise ship was about 300 yards long