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Maiquetia is a city that holds the Venezuelan National Airport, but the name has no linguistic meaning.

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Q: What does Maiquetia mean in spanish?
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Heathrow to caracas?

There isn't a direct flight from Heathrow,London to Simon Bolivar,Maiquetia (Airport that serves the city of Caracas).

When and where was baseball player Juan Moreno born?

Juan Moreno was born February 28, 1975, in Maiquetia, Vargas, Venezuela.

Which is the most convenient airport to travel to and from in Venezuela?

Maiquetia Airport, also called Simon Bolivar International Airport, code ccs. located 20 minutes away from city centre.

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How many miles from Rio de Janeiro International Airport to Caracas International airport?

The flight distance from Santos Dumont Airport to Simón Bolívar International Airport of Maiquetia is 2,813 miles.

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