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What does Ndiyo mean in Swahili?


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Ndiyo means literally "these words are true," and is used as an affirmative in answer to a question (though it has some other uses as well). It is almost invariably translated into English as simply "yes."


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"YES" in Swahili is "ndiyo" or "naam".

Yes is 'ndiyo' and no is 'hakuna'

The basic Swahili negative is si-, and its form varies with the noun it refer to. So hao sio walimu (these people are not teachers). But the questioner probably meant siyo, which is translated as "no." Siyo is very commonly misspelled by Swahili-speakers as sio.Swahili "yes" is ndiyo, which refers to the understood word maneno, words, and thus literally means "these words are true [or correct]." Swahili no is siyo, also referring to the noun words, and similarly means "these words are not true [or correct]."

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No, in swahili, the word lion is simba, like from the lion king, simba=lion.

The closest in meaning is nafsi, the self, but there's n true synonym in swahili.

Swahili is a Bantu language, although it has many loan words of Oriental origin.

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