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What does Niwa mean?

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Territory or wild nature

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What is the population of Sadowiec-Niwa?

The population of Sadowiec-Niwa is 60.

How tall is Mikiho Niwa?

Mikiho Niwa is 165 cm.

When did Yasujiro Niwa die?

Yasujiro Niwa died in 1975.

When was Yasujiro Niwa born?

Yasujiro Niwa was born in 1893.

What is the population of Kosowa Niwa?

The population of Kosowa Niwa is 3.

When was Yuya Niwa born?

Yuya Niwa was born in 1944.

When was Hideki Niwa born?

Hideki Niwa was born in 1972.

What is the Japanese meaning of rooster?

i think its niwa because niwa is chicken

What is Niwa Nagashige's birthday?

Niwa Nagashige was born on May 11, 1571.

When was Niwa Nagashige born?

Niwa Nagashige was born on May 11, 1571.

When did Niwa Nagahiro die?

Niwa Nagahiro died on 1886-07-29.

When was Niwa Nagahiro born?

Niwa Nagahiro was born on 1859-04-17.

When did Niwa Nagakuni die?

Niwa Nagakuni died on 1904-01-15.

When was Niwa Nagakuni born?

Niwa Nagakuni was born on 1834-05-22.

When was Niwa Nagatomi born?

Niwa Nagatomi was born on 1803-10-12.

When did Niwa Nagatomi die?

Niwa Nagatomi died on 1866-08-12.

What is Niwa Nagahide's birthday?

Niwa Nagahide was born on October 16, 1535.

When was Niwa Nagahide born?

Niwa Nagahide was born on October 16, 1535.

When was Koki Niwa born?

Koki Niwa was born on 1994-10-10.

When was Ryuhei Niwa born?

Ryuhei Niwa was born on 1986-01-13.

What does Watahsitachi niwa musume ga yonin imasu mean in English?

'We have 4 daughters.'

What does Watashitachi niwa musuko ga futari imasu mean in English?

'We have two sons.'

When did Niwa Nagashige die?

Niwa Nagashige died on April 1, 1637 at the age of 65.

When did Niwa Nagahide die?

Niwa Nagahide died on May 15, 1585 at the age of 49.

When was Mikiho Niwa born?

Mikiho Niwa was born on September 27, 1989, in Aichi, Japan.

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