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Where is Norway?

Norway is in northern Europe, in the Scandinavian Penisula. It has borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. It is the western and northern part of the Scandinavian Penisula. The Norwegian Sea, The Barents Sea, and The North sea all make up its borders.

Why is Norway wealthy?

Norway has the second lowest unemployment rate in Europe. There is also a lot of oil off of Norway's coast.

Who does Norway trade with?

Norway trades with the neighbouring countries in it's reach, Estonia, russia, Finland, Latvia and denmark are all examples of those particular neighbouring countries

What borders Norway?

Finland, Sweden and Russia. North: North Pole South: North Sea, Denmark, United Kingdome East: Sweden West: Norwegian Sea, Iceland

What is a Norway rat?

Are you talking about Rattus Norvegicus ?. (This is information from Wikipedia which you easily could have gotten yourself). It's often called called Brown Rat in English. It is the dominant rat in Europe and parts of North America, big and brown, and the most successfull mammal in the world next ( Full Answer )

What does Norway produce?

The CIA World Factbook lists Norways industries as " petroleum and gas, food processing, shipbuilding, pulp and paper products, metals, chemicals, timber, mining, textiles, fishing" . Its agricultural products include "barley, wheat, potatoes; pork, beef, veal, milk; fish" . Some of Norways most im ( Full Answer )

What is the geography of Norway?

mountains, curving roads, rivers, part of Norway above arctic circle, good for skiing and winter sports

What are facts on Norway?

One of the most welfare state in the world.One of the best place in the world to live with among the highest in HDI(human development index),citizen's rights,quality of life,quality of environment,social security measures.Above this it is akso a beatiful place with beautiful people...

I am thinking of buying a Xbox 360 game on eBay the seller lives in HongKong but it stands that the gam works on every pal Xbox do you think it works on mine I am from Norway Scandinavia?

hi there if your thinking about buying from another country then you will have to search for each game before you buy. Some games are Locked others are not. A good site is the one below. http://www.play-asia.com check that site the game will say _______________________ GTA IV XBOX 360 U ( Full Answer )

What has Norway invented?

Norwegian inventors have brought progess and new ideas to their owncountry and the world. Some better known examples of Norwegianinventions include: . Aersol Spray Cans - patented November 23, 1927by Norwegian engineer Erik Rotheim . The Cheese Slicer - invented by Thor Bjørklundin 1925 . ( Full Answer )

What is the flag for Norway?

This is the Norwegian Flag:. red in all corner (two rectangles, two squares). blue stripe (cross), white bordering

How do you call Norway?

i don't know if I understood your question right but i think it was what the Norwegian name for Norway is? well, it is Norge. BUT IF YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE A CALL TO NORWAY, PRESS 0047 (CONTRYCODE) THEN THE TELEPHONE NUMBER (8 NUMBERS IN TELEPHONE AND CELLPHONENUMBERS) ;)

Is Norway the best?

yes Norway is da best i should no i com from there so ther u hav ur answerxxx.

Why is Norway called Norway?

Norway means "way to the north." Norway is north, so it makes sense why that is the meaning. i am very glad to help answer your question! True, about a thousand years ago it was called "Norðrvegr" meaning what the above answer says. Over time the name changed to "Norge".

Who is Norway ruled by?

Harald V is King right now and his son is Haakon, married to (Crown) Princess Mette-Marit.. But, the prime Minister's name is Jens Stoltenberg. He comes from the Norwegian Labour Party.

What is Norway know for?

The Vikings came from Norway. Leif Eriksson came originally from Norway, and he may have been the first European to reach America. Norway is also know for fishing. In many hundred years, Norway ruled the sea. We was the greatest seafaring nation in the world. Norway is know for being the ( Full Answer )

Foods from Norway?

We like of course to import food from all over the world! :) We have a mix of different food and we eat all the time! :) And I mean ALL the time!:P but different spesialeties: Kongekrabbe(Kingcrab) Kjøttkaker (big meatbolls) Pinnekjøtt(lamb -ribs) lutefisk(i really don't know the English ( Full Answer )

What hemisphere is Norway in?

Norway (like Sweden and Finland) is in the Northern Hemisphere andthe Eastern Hemisphere, since it is entirely east of the PrimeMeridian.

What is there in Norway?

Fjords, mountains, (a lot of) trees, farms, long coast-line, fish (salmon), snow, skiing, glaciers, moose (american) = elk (european). Aha, Petter Solberg, Madcon, Marion Ravn, Dennis Storhoi (+++) are some Norwegian celebrities... Moods of Norway...

How did Norway get its name?

Norway means "way to the north" which actually makes sence since Norway is very far north. And about a thousand years ago Norway was called "Norðrvegr" which actually means "way to the north". "Norðrvegr" over time changed to "Norge" or "Noreg" because of the natural change in the language. So ( Full Answer )

What is the GDP of Norway?

GDP ( PPP ) 2008 estimate - Total $259.049 billion [2] ( 43rd ) - Per capita $55,198 [2] (IMF) ( 2nd ). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norway

How long is Norway?

The biggest distance (in air): south of Lindesnes - nothern coast of Kvitøya: 2635,96 km.

Does it snow in Norway?

Not where I live, by the western coast. But It snows a lot in the northern and central parts of norway, yes.

How was Norway founded?

Norway is an old country, but wasn't independent until 1905. Norway was in union with Denmark for a very long time and after that Sweden.

How can you get to Norway?

From where? From America you can fly from Newark with Continental or from Philadelphia with US Airways or any other airline with a stop over in a European city. From the UK you can take a ferry, plane, bus, train or just go by car. Same with mostly other European citys. From other countries ( Full Answer )

What does Norway do?

Norway is ranked #1 in the world on the Human Development Index. The country is the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas per capita outside of the Middle East. And they are also one of the founding members of the United Nations and one of it's largest financial contributors.

When was Norway named Norway?

The first time Norway is mentioned with a name in historical sources, it was still an undefined area. When the chieftain and explorer Ottar met the king of England in the 9th century, his story of the homeland was written down. He calls it Norðvegr, which is directly translated to "north way", no ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Norway?

You can do everything in Norway, You have almost all the opportunities available! Except walking in a dessert or climb a volcano. We do actually have a active volcano in Norway.

Is Norway poor?

No Norway has a better welfare system and economy then we do in the U.S

What contenent is Norway in?

Norway lies in the extreme Northwest of EUROPEAN Continent, bordering with Sweden (at the Southeast, East and part of the North) and Finland and Russia (up in the North).

Foods in Norway?

Fish and potatoes have always been very important in Norway. The fish is grilled, dried, smoked, boiled, fried or eaten raw. Another traditional norwegian food is Smalahove (rotten sheep).

What is the mountain the Norway?

The highest mountain in Norway is called Galdhøpiggen, and is 2469 metres above the sea level.

Are the Alpines in Norway?

............................................________ ....................................,.-'"...................``~., .............................,.-"..................................."-., .........................,/...............................................":, ....................., ( Full Answer )

How do they dance you Norway?

In modern times we dance just like anyone else at night clubs :) But Norway is often associated with people in bunads (a Norwegian clothing) dancing folk dances. But then again, we don't dance like that in modern times. I hope this information was helpful enough :)

What cloths do they were in Norway?

You mean 'wear'? Nothing special, pretty much the same thing as the rest of Europe. (Except for the national day, then there's 'bunad'. Google it).

Why is Norway warm?

An ocean current called the Gulf Stream brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe (and Norway). The water eventually cools down, sinks to the bottom of the ocean, and flows back to Mexico, where it is reheated. The warm water warms up Norway, but the inland is cold because it is far from t ( Full Answer )

When is the springtime in Norway?

Springtime in Norway is considered to be between March and May, but in March the weather is really nothing like spring. I would consider the end of April and the beginning of May as the essential springtime in Norway.

Is there seashores in Norway?

There are only seashores in Norway. Unless your in a mountain, in the capital or so far up north santa Claus wonders why you are coming to his town (after all, the reindeers have to come from somewhere).

Who is the captain of Norway?

Current Prime Minister is Jens Stoltenberg (AP) Current King is Hans Majestet Kong Harald Rex (His Majesty King Harald)

What resturants do they have in Norway?

International Chains: McDonald's, Burger King, TGIF, SubWay Local chains: Peppes (Pizza), Dolly Dimple(Pizza), Egons Plus local restaurants of all kinds and ethnicities.

What animals are there in Norway?

when did norway become a country / how many wars have gone on innorway? how is the population diffrent than the usa s

How do you speak Norway?

If you wonder how to speak Norwegian, you learn it and speak it.. There is no other way

What counties are in Norway?

There are 19 counties in Norway: . Oslo . Akershus . Buskerud . Telemark . Hedmark . Nordland . Sør-Trøndelag . Nord-Trøndelag . Østfold . Vestfold . Øst-Agder . Vest-Agder . Troms . Finnmark . Hordaland . Rogaland . Oppland . Møre og Romsdal . Sogn og Fjordane ( Full Answer )

Who is the mayor of Norway?

Norway don't have one mayor, it have different mayors in some big cities. However Norway do have a King

What do you think about Norway?

Norway is a beautiful country to live with full facilities.Even for all kind and mind of people no one can find better place to live in my mind and i really deserve to live there in noway..............

What are the sport of Norway?

These are the top 5. #1 Hockey #2 Soccer #3 Martial Arts #4 Cycling #5 Skateboarding Biathlon has to be somewhere in there The most important sports in Norway is football (soccer to americans) and handball. Actually the Norwegian womens team in Norway is wo ( Full Answer )

Who is the Norway king2012?

The norwegian king of today is Harald V. he is 75 years old now, so it may not be long before crown prince Haakon Magnus/ Haakon VIII takes over.

Where is Norway found?

Norway Is found up above Denmark in Europe and to the left of Sweden Its in Scandinavia. Norway has over 4 million people living there Norway is good to go to If you are really interested in Vikings :) I LIVE IN NORWAY

Where does Norway get their fish?

they get there fish from the sea because thats where they get the fish to make tuna,cod, haddock, trout, pollock e.g