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OVB = 'Our Very Best' trade mark of Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett hardware company.

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Q: What does O V B stamped onto silverware mean?
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What are the release dates for B- Original - 2006 B- Original with Silverware?

B- Original - 2006 B- Original with Silverware was released on: USA: 4 January 2007

What does the stamped mark A1 mean on Walker and Hall silverware?

Al The "A1" mark is sometimes found on the reverse side of silver plated flatware and refers to the quality of the silver plate, i.e. "A1" is the best quality for that manufacturer. Lower qualities are usually referred to as "1" or "A", "B" etc..

What is known about silverware marked F B Rogers China if F B Rogers was a company in Taunton Massachusetts?

Apparently, FB Rogers silverware marked China is a knock-off! Buyers - beware!

What does 925 b mean when stamped on a ring?

925 represents the purity of silver being 92.5% pure. The letter "B" most likely represents a date code.

1995 penny with a B stamped on it where did it come from?

Someone used a metal punch to put their initials (or something similar) onto the coin. Unfortunately that makes it a damaged coin with no collector value.

What does b inside of a diamond-shape and k inside of a diamond shape stamped right before 14k stamp inside a gold band mean?

What does it mean

What does b 25 is stamped on a ring?

If you see the imprint of "B 25" stamped on a ring, the "B" most likely represents a specific date. The "25" represents the quality of the gold or the karat.

Where is a motorcycle vin located?

Depending on the make and model it will most likely be either. A) On a plate on the frame of the motorcycle. B) Stamped onto the headstem. Try turning the handlebars all the way to the left and then look for the VIN,

What does KB 14K stamped inside a ring mean?

Karlan and Bleicher Jewelry Company, New York. No, that is incorrect. That has K&B hallmark.

What does gb-14k mean?

14K GB means 14K (G)old over (B)ase metal.14kItaly stamped on jewelry means its real or fake

What does 925 B china stamped on your pendant mean?

92.5 sterling silver coated with 12 karat gold. made in china.

What does WB mean stamped on ring?

Usually this stamp appears after 10K and means it is gold plated and not solid 10k gold. means W ith B onded gold.