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What does Omnia Discit mean?


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He (or she) learns all things.

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Usually used in the latin phrase "Qui docet discit" in English means "he who teaches learns."

In omnia paratus means IN ALL THINGS BE PREPARED

'Amor Vincit Omnia' in latin means 'Love conquers all' in English.

"All things excellently."

It means "Everything with God".

To carry through everything.

All that is mine, I carry with me.

Omnia is simply Latin for everything.

"Labor conquers all".(In the form Labor omnia vincit, or "hard work conquers all", it is the state motto of Oklahoma.)

"Remember: All things have [their] time."

The sentence best translates from Latin to mean "This is an evil infant, it will destroy us all." nos omnia->all of us/everything perde->lose/destroy eam->it

Samsung Omnia W was created in 2011.

Studium est omnia is one Latin equivalent of 'Zeal is everything'. Zelum est omnia is another equivalent. In the word by word translation, the nouns 'studium' and 'zelum' mean 'zeal'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The noun 'omnia' means 'everything'.

'Fides supra omnes' would mean 'Loyalty above all things.' 'Fidelitas ante omnia' would mean 'Loyalty before everything.' If you want to say 'loyalty above all', you would use 'Fidelitas super omnia.'

vincit omnia veritas which means truth conquers all

This phrase means "the love of Christ conquers all"

In omnia paratus (not "ominia") is Latin for "Prepared for everything" or "Ready for anything".

All things are taught to all or teaches everything to everyone.

Central Flying School RAAF's motto is 'Qui Docet Discit'.

where we get language in my omnia samsung i8000

how to set ringtone in samsung omnia w

Taken from Ecclesiastes 3:1, it is commonly translated from "For everything there is a season."

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