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Peer Assistance Leadership Service.

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What is the PALS program and what does PALS stand for in ffa?

Partners in Active Learning Support, a mentoring program that matches FFA members with elementary and/or middle school students.

What is the plural of high school?

high schools from school to schools

Are private high schools really better than public high schools?

Private High Schools tend to graduate more students than public high schools, but public high schools in rural area fare much better than public high schools in more urban areas.

How many high schools are their in Compton Unified Schools District?

There are a total of four high schools in the Compton Unified Schools District. Schools included are Centennial High School, Compton High School, Manuel Dominguez High School and Compton Community Day High School.

How Many High schools in South Bend IN?

There are 4 public high schools 11 Catholic high Schools and the Veritas Academy.

How many high schools are there in Australia?

there are 485 high schools in Australia !

How many high schools have study halls?

4 high schools

How many high schools are in California?

there are 43 high schools in california :)))

What actors and actresses appeared in Pals Is Pals - 1929?

The cast of Pals Is Pals - 1929 includes: James Barton

What are the release dates for Pals Is Pals - 1929?

Pals Is Pals - 1929 was released on: USA: 27 July 1929

What does the term CGHS stand for?

There are several different acronyms that CGHS could stand for. One such term is Central Government Health Scheme. Most of the acronyms found for CGHS refers to high schools. Center Grove High School and Cottage Grove High School are two examples.

Will high school credits transfer from English schools to American schools?

Yes, although it depends with the type of high school and their system of education. There are high schools that transfer credits from English schools to the American schools.

What is PALS?

pals are friends such as you and me XD

What is the difference between American high schools and German high schools?

American schools talk in English, and German schools talk in German.

Did they have middle schools or high schools back then?

High schools developed in the 1900's. Middle schools in the last 30 or 25 years.

What is the Difference from Texas High Schools to New Yorks High Schools?


How many public high schools were there in 1860?

100 public high schools

How many high schools are in Michigan?

how many high schools are in the state of Michigan

What are the top 5 high schools in Arizona?

what top high schools in Phoenix AZ what top 5 high schools in Phoenix in Phoenix Arizona

How many high schools are there in New York City public high schools?

About 412, according to the directory of Public High Schools from 2011-2012.

Are there Nudist high schools or elementary schools?


How many high schools are there in Jamaica?

There are 15 regular public high schools in Jamaica.

How many high schools in ny state?

there are over 278 high schools in ny

How many high schools are there in wilmington?

There are more than 10000 high schools in Wilmington.

Where are the good high schools in the Bronx?

specialized high schools such as Bronx high school of science and about 7 more