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high schools from school to schools


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If there is more than one Anderson High School, then there would be 2 (or more) Anderson High Schools

The plural form for the noun sister is sisters; the plural possessive form is sisters'.Examples:My sisters' school is Lincoln High. Jane is in ninth grade and June is a senior.My sisters' schools are Lincoln High and Washington Community College.

The plural form of the noun 'chalkboard' is chalkboards.Example: They've replaced all of the chalkboards at the high school.

The plural of a "girl's school" is "girls' school."

The plural form for the noun school is schools.

School buses would be the plural form.

The plural form of the singular noun 'school' is schools.

The plural of headscarf is headscarves. As in "headscarves are not to be worn in school".

The word school is singular, one school. The plural form is schools, two schools or many schools.

The plural is schools. The plural possessive form is schools' (apostrophe only).

Anacostia High SchoolBell High SchoolCoolidge High SchoolDunbar High SchoolEastern Senior High SchoolSpingarn High SchoolM.M. Washington High SchoolWilson High SchoolWoodson High SchoolJust to name a few.

Alta High School, Valley High School, Skyline High School, East High School, West High School, Olympus High School, Woods Cross High School, Snow Canyon High School, Juan Diego Catholic High School, West Jordan High School, Highland High School... well I guess that's more than one.

A freshmen or freshman is a 9th grader (first year of high school). Both are correct. Freshmen is plural: "The Freshmen sit in the first rows at the game." Freshman is singular: "The student waiting in the office is a Freshman."

The plural of five is fives (5s) As in "have some high fives".

The plural of buccaneer is buccaneers. As in "the buccaneers sailed the high seas".

If you're referring to more than one head for a single school, the plural is 'heads of school'. If you're referring to one person head for more than one school, the plural is 'head of schools'. If you're referring to more than one person as head of more than one school, the plural is 'heads of schools'.

West Charlotte high schoolHarding university high schoolwestmeck high schoolgaringer high schoolVance high school

well.... there is Hollywood senior high school, Fairfax senior high school, Loyola high school, San Fernando senior high school, Burbank high school, Belmot senior high school, and Arcadia high school thats all i know

Yes, there is a Pennford high school, which is an online high school offering high school diploma program.

The plural possessive of cooks is cooks'.

The name of the high school in High school musical is calledEAST HIGH

High school is where you go, and high school diplomas is what you get when you graduate.

there is no high school named high school musical it was just a movie.

High school is secondary school.

Hypothesis (high-POTH-uh-siss) is singular. Hypotheses (high-POTH-uh-seez) is plural.

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