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So you won't say I don't love you, pappy.

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Q: What does Para que no digas que no te quiero Papasito mean?
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What does bese you papasito mean in english?


What does this mean Quiero estar contigo para siempre Te quiero mucho Te extraño bebé?

"i want to be with you forever. I love you. I miss you baby"

What does te quiero para mi mean?

it means: i want u rite now...but its aqui not agui

Hi what does it mean cuando llegue va a faltar menos para verte Te extrano mucho Quiero despertarme abrazadita a ti de nuevo?

te quiero mucho

What does esta para el dominigo lo queries mean?

this isn't a proper sentence. its supposed to be para el domingo yo quiero esto That means i want this on sunday

What does te quiero siempre y para siempre significas el mundo para mí incluso cuando usted un culo mean?

I love/want you always and forever, you mean the world to me, including when you are an a**hole.

What does te quiero para mi solita mean?

I want you for myself alone I want you as my steady girl

What does digas mean in spanish?

DIGAS comes from the verb "decir" which means "to say/to tell".DIGAS is either a present subjunctive or a negative imperative (negative command). Both take the same conjugation (although the "I" form is never used as an imperative).The conjugation is as follows:yodiga (I)túdigas (you)él, ella, Usteddiga (he/ she/ it/ you formal)nosotrosdigamos (we)vosotrosdigáis (you plural)ellos, ellas, ustedesdigan (they/ you plural formal)DIGAS can be used for two reasons:1) PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE:To express an element of uncertainty.e.g. "Quiero que me lo DIGAS." - "I want you to tell me."(I want you to, but I'm not certain that you will.)"Espero que no le DIGAS nada" - "I hope you don't say anything to him (Again: I hope you wont say anything, but I don't know if you will.)2) NEGATIVE IMPERATIVE:To command somebody NOT to do something.e.g. "No DIGAS eso a tu madre." - "Don't say that to your mother/Don't tell your mother that.""¡No me DIGAS!" - "I don't believe it!" (literally means "Don't tell me!")

What does no digas eso yo nunca aria mean?

No digas eso= Don't say that! eso yo nunca haría= I didn't do that!

What does Quiero ser el hombre mas interesante del mundo para ti mean?

"I want to be the most interesting man in the world for you"

What does simplemente quiero estar a tu lado para siempre te amo mean in English?

I just want to be by your side forever, I love you.

What does hola papasito mean?

it means like " hi cute guy"