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Pluto is the name for the Greco-Roman god of the underworld. The name is Ancient Greek in origin meaning "wealthy one".

In Astronomy Pluto was formerly considered the 9th planet in the solar system. Due to reclassification it is now considered to be a dwarf planet.

In Astrology Pluto represents transformation, hidden motivations, the will, occult knowledge, mysteries of all types, power , destruction, sex, and death. In mundane astrology, the branch of astrology that deals with events of earth that affect humanity, it rules government and politics. It is considered to be the co-ruler of the zodiac sign Scorpio.

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Q: What does Pluto mean?
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What does the prefix Pluto mean?

The prefix "pluto" means wealth or wealthy

Did the Pluto exist?

If you mean the dwarf planet Pluto, it did exist, and still exists.

Pluto should or should not be considered a planet?

yes Pluto should be a planet just because of its size doesnt mean anything and Pluto is my favorite!!!!!!!!! Go Pluto!!!!!!!!

What does Pluto mean in Hindi?

Officially pluto does not have any name india hindi. It Is simply called as pluto.

Does Pluto have animals?

If you mean Pluto, the planet that used to be considered a planet, then no, it doesn't have animals living there.

Does Pluto have sun?

Pluto has the same sun as we do. I mean, it's in our solar system. Do you mean "does it have a moon"? If so, it does have one moon, that is so much like Pluto, that the two are sopmetimes considered, double planets. Obviously, Pluto is not a planet, but yes, it has one moon.

What does the roman word Pluto mean?


What does the root word Pluto mean?


How did Pluto get its name and what does it mean?

named after scientist who discovered it

What does Pluto mean in Greek and Roman Mythology?


What is the diameter of Pluto?

Pluto's diameter is 2374 kilometers. or 1,475 miles. Pluto has about the same amount of land as Russia.

Why is luto a plutoid?

I think you mean "Pluto" not "luto". Yes, Pluto is a Plutoid. It's the example that all the Plutoids are named after.

What planet does Pluto orbit?

Pluto doesn't orbit any planets, it orbits the sun. But if you mean what planet does Pluto share a orbit with is Neptune. Pluto sometimes is closer to the sun than Neptune because it cuts into Neptune's orbit.

What does it mean when Pluto turns direct?

That Mickey needs to feed him.

What are the differences of Pluto and earths gravity?

at pluto -- 0.61m/s2 at earth -- 9.8m/s2 mean u can have much high compared to earth

Does Pluto have moons larger than it?

The answer depends on whether you mean moons associated only with Pluto or if you mean to include all moons in the solar system. The largestsatellite of Pluto is Charon, which is estimated to have a diameter that is just over half the diameter of Pluto. Some have suggested that since Charon is so close in size Pluto that they should be considered a "binary system". Pluto is smaller than our moon; the Jupiter moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto; the Saturn moon Titan; and the Neptune moon Triton.

How long does it take for charon to orbit the sun?

Same as Pluto. Charon is a moon of Pluto.Same as Pluto. Charon is a moon of Pluto.Same as Pluto. Charon is a moon of Pluto.Same as Pluto. Charon is a moon of Pluto.

Minnie Mouse's dog?

If u mean by Disney land, it is Pluto

What did Hade's alternate name Pluto mean?

It means 'the unseen one'.

What planet is on the left of Pluto?

If by this, you mean the planet next closest to the sun, the answer is Neptune! Of course, Pluto isn't a planet any more. Hope this helps!

Why the criteria of the Pluto do not match with other planets?

If by this question you mean why Pluto is no longer an official planet, it's because it is not the dominant object in its region of space.

What is the equatorial radius of Pluto?

Pluto was once considered the ninth planet in our solar system, but in 2006 it was recategorized as a dwarf planet. The mean radius of Pluto is 715. 2 miles and the equatorial circumference is 4,493. 7 miles.

Is pluton a planet?

I think you mean Pluto, and the answer is no, Pluto is not a planet. It used to be but it was discounted as there are other similar-sized objects in space which have not been classified as planets because they are too small. Therefore, Pluto was degraded to a dwarf planet.

How many hours equals one year for pluto?

I'm guessing that you're talking about Earth hours and Pluto years.1 Pluto year = 89,865.65 Earth days = 2,156,775.6mean solar Earth hours

Pluto he planet was named after Pluto the dog?

no Pluto the dog was not named after the planet Pluto.