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Pudere Dein Gesicht translates as powder your face

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Q: What does Pudere Dein Gesicht mean?
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What does gesicht mean in German?

"ihr Gesicht" means her face."Ihr Gesicht" means your face (formal). The informal version would be "dein Gesicht".

How do you say your face in German?

dein Gesicht (informal) Ihr Gesicht (formal)

What is 'your face is' in German?

That would be "Dein gesicht ist"

What actors and actresses appeared in Immer am Weg dein Gesicht - 1960?

The cast of Immer am Weg dein Gesicht - 1960 includes: Bruno Carstens as Sokolow Peter Dommisch Ernst Kahler as Baumann Peter Paul Goes as Kuleschow Zofia Slaboszowska as Sonja Bernd Trewendt Thomas Weisgerber

What does ergo dein mean?

Ergo Dein translates as therefore your.

What does Ich bin dein Mann mean?

Ich bin dein Mann = I am your husband

What does ist das dein mean in English?

"ist das dein" basically means "is this yours"

How do you say smiling in German?

to smile = lächeln if you mean for instance "smiling face", then it'll be "lächelndes Gesicht" (ein lächelndes Gesicht, das lächelnde Gesicht)

What does aus gesicht nit mean?

I think you mean the word ausgezeichnet which translates as:Adjective:excellentmagnificentsuperbbrilliantoutstandingVerb:(from auszeichnen)pricedticketteddistinguisheddecoratedcertified

What does 'was ist dein Lieblingsfach' mean?

It means what is your favourite subject.

What does ich bin dein schatten mean?

The sentence translates to I am your shadow.

What does wer ist dein Lieblingslehrer mean?

It means "who is your favourite teacher?"