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Q: What does Quiero Los besos aqui Por favor mean?
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What does quiero mas de tus besos mean?

"Quiero más de tus besos" in Spanish means "I want more of your kisses" in English.

'También quiero hablar mas tarde besos' mean?

It means "I also want to talk later, kisses".

What does llo quiero darte un besos en tu chiche mean in English?

i want to kis your bubs.....

What does te quiero para mi mean?

it means: i want u rite now...but its aqui not agui

What does ven aqui ahora por favor mean?

Come in here now please

What does yo quiero tus dulces y deliciosos besos mean in spanish?

First, here's the correct way to write this: "Yo quiero darte mucho besos." The pronoun should be connected to the end of the verb.As for the translation, let's break it down:"Yo quiero" = "I want" The first person present form of the verb querer (to want.)"darte" = "to give you" (dar = to give, te = you)"muchos besos" = many kissesFull sentence: I want to give you many kisses.Good luck with that.

What does te quiero tu perfil and por favor pongase en contacto conmigo aqui en mi correo electronico privado mean?

Translation: Te quiero tu perfil = I like your profile (i.e. a Facebook profile or similar) Por favor. Póngase en contacto conmigo aquí en mi correo electronico privado = Please, get in contact with me here using my private email address

What is does BESOS mean in English?

Besos are kisses.

What does bienvenidos a besos mean in English?

bienvenidos- welcome a besos- with kisses

What does Aqui são mean in portuguese?

aqui são = "here they are"

What does por mean in Spanish?

Depending on context, it can mean several things. For, by, through. It is also used in many idiomatic expressions that are taken as a whole, por aqui, por favor, etc.

What does ablos besos mean in spanish?

besos means "kisses" but ablos is not a Spanish word.