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Rhythm and Blues.

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Which artist was known as the Father of the Blues

The black soul anthem Say It Loud you are Black and you are Proud was written by which of the following artists

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Q: What does RB stand for?
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What does the symbol Rb stand for on the periodic table?


What does Rb stand for in the periodic table of elements?

Rubidium (Rb)

What element does Rb stand for?


What does 'RB' stand for in music?

Rhythm and Blues ==============

What does RB stand for in football?

Running Back

What does the rb stand for on an xbox controller?

Right Bumper

What does the RB stand for on your ray bans?

Um - that would be Ray Ban!

What does the LETTERS RB stand for on a 14kt gold chain?

Refined Bullion

How do you tell a bn design from a rb design in Indian head pennies?

The letters BN & RB stand for Brown and Red-Brown, and has nothing to do with with the design of the coin, just the color.

What does the letter R stand for in the periodic table?

There is no R in the periodic table. There is Rb, Rf, Re, and Rn.

What is that RB song George Lopez plays in his stand up's Not the Low Rider one?

i would like to know the answer to this too!

What is the value of a RB 1979 nickel?

RB ???

What does Contemporary RB mean?

RB as it is at this time

On the Playstation what does LB and RB stand for?

Left bumper, and right bumper. (l1, means the first left bumper, and vise versa)

Who is Dudley RB Grant?

He is Dudley RB Grant

This element chemical symbol is Rb?

Rb = Rubidium

What atomic radius is larger Rb or Sr?


How many electrons do Rb have?

Rb has 55 electrons in total.

What is the atomic weight of Rb?

85.4678 is the atomic weight of Rb.

Which one has a greater atomic size Li or Rb?


What element has the symbol Rb?

It is the element rubidium that has Rb as its symbol.

What does rb mean in text?

RB means random boner

What is the oxidation number of Rb?

The oxidation number of Rb is 1.

Who is the fastest NFL RB?

Tennessee Titans RB - Chris Johnson

What element is Rb on the periodic table?

Rb is the symbol for the element Rubidium